Mets Card of the Week: Dell Today’s 1971 New York Mets

Listen: Brian Joura has come unstuck in time. Yesterday the time travel was all through the 1970s up until around 1986. Who said you could never quarantine the past? There were two shelves of … stuff that had been quarantined for at least 34 years. Found some neat items, things that brought me back to [...]

Projection Review: The good – Jacob deGrom- the bad – Amed Rosario – and the ugly – Steven Matz

Each year before the season starts, we put up a projection for players thought to have a big role in the upcoming campaign. Then, once the season is over, we do a review of how the projections turned out. As you might have heard, this year was a little wacky. So, instead of doing an [...]

Comparing the 2020 salaries of Mets’ players to their production

Players have always been underpaid. In the last 30-plus years the system was set up so that the top players who were good enough to continue playing until they were eligible for free agency would end up getting paid closer to what they were worth. And frequently, those veterans got paid significantly more than they [...]

On Sandy Alderson’s second act, diminishing defensive returns and Trevor Bauer & J.T. Realmuto

There's a whole generation of fans who never experienced the late, great "2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball." For those who missed out, it was two pals - Michael Geus and Jimmy Preller - who had a blog with daily articles where they would have a conversation about the Mets. It was like a podcast except [...]

Players weigh in on Dusty Baker, who the Mets could have hired two separate times last year

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know my feelings about Dusty Baker as a manager. Here's a snippet from 2019: IN PRAISE OF AN EX MANAGER – Dusty Baker is rarely thought of as one of the best managers in recent history but you’ll forgive me if that’s where he rates in [...]

A plan for Steve Cohen and managerial responsibility and accountability

There’s a Comment Policy for the site, which encourages people to be polite and inquisitive. It also spells out that this place is not a democracy. The goal is to be a benevolent dictatorship. Anyway, there’s a passage in the policy that’s in the front of my mind today after yesterday’s article and some of [...]