On Nolan Arenado and the value of away splits for Rockies hitters

It’s no secret that the Rockies would like to get out from the contract of their star third baseman, Nolan Arenado. Recently, the Rockies indicated they would “like to engage” the Mets on a deal for Arenado. That certainly makes sense, as the Mets likely have the ability to take Arenado’s contract and the Rockies [...]

Mets fans’ recent ‘unbridled optimism’ gets biggest test yet

For most of the 1970s, there were two MLB players named Dave Roberts. Fortunately, one was a pitcher – who finished his career with the Mets - and one was a position player. Roberts the position player was a former top overall pick in 1972 and he went straight from college to the majors. He [...]

Jared Porter and the neuterization of the Mets’ GM job

Yesterday was a big day in Mets land. First, they addressed a big hole in the roster by signing free agent catcher James McCann to a four-year deal. Next, they filled their open GM position, hiring Jared Porter, who had held a bunch of different positions in MLB, with his most-recent gig being the assistant [...]

Mets to sign free agent catcher James McCann

Multiple reports have the Mets signing free agent catcher James McCann to a 4/$40+ contract. McCann becomes the third or fourth big free agent acquisition, depending on how you want to slice either “big” or “free agent.” McCann joins Trevor May, Sam McWilliams and Marcus Stroman. The big news is that the Mets opted for [...]

Mets did addition by subtraction on December 11, 1981

Most of you can probably put a name/event to dates pretty easily in Mets’ history. 9/24/69 – Mets win first World Series 6/15/77 – Mets trade Tom Seaver and Dave Kingman 1/24/80 – Nelson Doubleday buys the Mets 6/15/83 – Mets trade for Keith Hernandez You can probably cite half a dozen more, too. But [...]

The remarkable obsession with the feeble Mallex Smith

Anything can happen in baseball. The 1969 Mets, who won 73 games the year before, finished the regular season with 100 wins. It would be 17 years before the Mets won 100 games again. If starting in the year 1970 you bet on the Mets winning 100 games, you would have collected just twice in [...]

Who would be more valuable to the 2021 Mets – Edwin Diaz or Zack Wheeler?

In a recent Open Thread, commenter NMK suggested – snarkily, in my reading – that the Mets trade Edwin Diaz for Zack Wheeler. It’s a trade that has zero chance of happening. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find value in discussing this as if it was a possibility, examining the pros and cons of [...]

Roundtable: How do the Mets move forward in the post-Robinson Cano reality?

The Mets got an early Christmas present when Robinson Cano got busted for PEDs and was suspended for the season. The good news comes in multiple ways. The most obvious of these is that the club now has an extra $20.25 million at its disposal. Not that the bottom line was going to be an [...]

How close are the Mets to playoff contention?

Sandy Alderson had a press conference on Monday. Nothing really unexpected or particularly noteworthy on the surface happened. But anytime Alderson speaks at length, there are always things that jump out. To me, the most interesting thing that he said was the following: “I don't think we're a player away. I think we need more [...]

Justin Wilson, Chasen Shreve and Mets’ lefty relievers with and without the 3-batter rule

One of the rule changes that we saw in 2020 was the introduction of the 3-batter minimum. Unlike other rule changes, this one was planned before the pandemic hit, meaning that we will see it again for sure in 2021. Jayson Stark of The Athletic had an article on this rule change and he quoted [...]

On Luis Rojas’ return, the top offseason priority, bullpen vs. defense

Welcome to the second installment of our baseball chat, again with Chris Flanders. Most of this took place before the news about Robinson Cano hit but know that both of us were not disappointed at all. Brian - Everyone was all excited about the dual Steve Cohen/Sandy Alderson press conference the other day and truthfully [...]