Just how great is Jacob deGrom in Mets history?

The following paragraphs will contain some blasphemy. There will be “what ifs”, and optimistic projections. All in an intellectual exercise to examine where Jacob deGrom lies within the New York Mets Pantheon. For Christmas, Bill Madden’s latest book on Tom Seaver made its way to Mets fans across the country. Seaver is arguably the best [...]

With Mookie Betts off the Free Agent board, Steve Cohen should go big, or go home

The 2020 Mets were an “also-ran” footnote.  The last week was an awfully bad week, but up until then the season was just “also-ran.” The best aspect of the COVID-shortened season was a free season for Noah Syndergaard to recover from TJ surgery. Michael Conforto’s best season was a plus, as was Dominic Smith’s.  Hopefully, [...]

A wrap-up of the 2020 Mets’ defensive play

The season mercifully came to an end on Sunday. The Mets went into Saturday with a chance at the playoffs and proceeded to dump the season in getting swept by the Washington Baseball Team, surging into the National League East cellar. Tremendously, the Mets played well on offense. The starting nine only had Amed Rosario [...]

The top 10 Mets teams in defensive runs saved

The Mets historical performance defensively has been, in a word, bad. As we have examined the best and worst fielders in Mets history, it was evident identifying bad players was a little easier than identifying outstanding players. At second base, the answer was largely “no one.” It is never easy to explain *why* the Mets [...]

Gregg Jefferies and the all-time worst fielding Mets by position

It is always interesting and exciting to hear about the best fielders. Rarely do we get a good look at the terribly bad fielders. Derek Jeter is always mentioned as a terrible fielder and having the worst negative performance of any fielder.  This has some bias toward the good hitters, like Jeter.  In looking at [...]

Mets’ all-time best defensive fielders by runs saved

Recently there was some chatter about who the best Met defensive players have been.  Marv Throneberry or Keith Hernandez – Bud Harrelson or Rey Ordonez, and so on.  Anecdotally, there are a couple of Mets with tremendous defensive reputations, and Gold Gloves, but were they deserving, given what we have learned from advanced metrics?  Let [...]

How the Mets can mitigate their defensive issues

Since the 2019 season ended, there have a plethora of articles written about the Mets’ (reportedly) terrible defense, and their lack of personnel moves to address them. Good news – these reports are overstated.  Do the Mets have holes in their defense?  Yes.  Are they insurmountable? No. The Mets have three positions where defense is [...]