Mets Minors: Matthew Allan and other late-season promotions

The Minor League season is winding down and I’ve started work on my Top 50 Met prospect list for the offseason but the Mets are keeping things interesting with some late season promotions.  Typically you’ll see teams trying to give minor leaguers a taste of the playoffs by tossing them into a higher level for [...]

Mets Minors: What to make of Andres Gimenez’ 2019

A 20-year-old shortstop playing in AA-Binghamton and managing an OPS around .700 is nothing to sneeze at.  Though top prospects should not be hammering out paltry .241/.305/.378 batting lines either.  When we began the year, people had Andres Gimenez and Pete Alonso as the top two prospects in the Met system.  Most, in fact, labeled [...]

Mets Minors: Matthew Allan, Josh Wolf and a brighter future

A lot has been written about the Mets draft.  The Mets were able to manipulate their money so as to sign three (3) first round talents in their first three rounds of the 2019 draft.  While much has been written about Brett Baty, Josh Wolf and Matthew Allan it’s equally important for the Met fans [...]

Mets Minors: Franklyn Kilome and prospects who could impact 2020

Barring the fielding goofs, people should be fairly pleased with the season they’ve gotten from Pete Alonso in 2019. He came up to the majors and seems intent on winning a Rookie of the Year award amidst a field of tough competition. Looking at the upper levels of the Mets minor leagues you don’t see [...]

Mets Minors: Andres Gimenez and the top five prospects of 2020

About a month ago the Mets360 podcast host asked me for a “Crazy Prediction." My “Crazy Prediction” was that Andres Gimenez would fall out of the Top 5 Met prospects by the start of the 2020 season. This was, in part, because of my frustrations with Gimenez’s performance but also because the Mets success at [...]

Mets Minors: What to expect of Thomas Szapucki

Through the tail end of 2016 Thomas Szapucki was the darling of Mets360.  Writers here were over the moon with his dominant numbers in Kingsport and Brooklyn and the scouts all agreed that his “stuff” had gotten significantly better.  2017 saw injury and despite working through a rehab regimen to avoid Tommy John surgery, we [...]

Mets Minors: Jarred Kelenic and the farm system that could have been

Brodie Van Wagenen has not been particularly lucky as Met General Manager but he’s also done much to hinder himself.  Looking at selling off players, once again we are left to wonder what our future might look like without the worst of Van Wagenen’s moves hanging over the team’s head.   Let us remember that [...]