Winter Meetings foreshadow a low-key offseason for Mets

The Winter Meetings this past week in San Diego stimulated a whirlwind of roster activity across MLB, but for the Mets…not so much.  Besides yesterday’s signing of veteran outfielder John Mayberry, nothing transpired from the discussions engaged by GM Sandy Alderson.  He hinted at exploring all possibilities of roster improvement, including the shortstop position and [...]

Non-tender deadline looms for Eric Young Jr. and Ruben Tejada

The next probable and tangible moves made by GM Sandy Alderson and the front office will be decisions on Ruben Tejada and Eric Young Jr.  The Mets have until Tuesday night at 11:59 pm to tender contracts to the two arbitration eligible players before they retroactively become unrestricted free agents.  After Alderson inevitably decides on [...]

Whose bluff will Sandy Alderson call this year?

The “Hot Stove” season is off and running and all teams looking to upgrade their rosters have begun to put out feelers gauging interest.  Several media reports will emerge daily from here on in, reflecting genuine or flimsy interest teams may or may not have on certain players. While speculation will no doubt be the [...]

Dillon Gee appears to be the Mets’ odd man out

Mets fans are already anticipating the return of Matt Harvey on Opening Day 2015.  The rising star pitcher is through his rehabilitation from Tommy John surgery and set to lead the pitching rotation into the next great era of Mets baseball next year.  Unfortunately, someone will have to relinquish their slot on the starting staff [...]

Wilmer Flores should be the starting shortstop in 2015

The Mets offseason should be an interesting one.  There still is plenty of assessment needed to be made this offseason regarding the current roster with many variables to consider.  Sandy Alderson’s continuous evaluation process of the shortstop position will need to be fine-tuned into a definitive answer eventually. There will be many decisions to make [...]

The Mets should steer clear of Tulowitzki and CarGo

With hopes of any postseason chances dwindling as the season rolls down, Mets fans justifiably start to think of improvements for next season.  While it’s unlikely the Mets will do anything before the non-waiver deadline this season, there is a very good chance a trade will be made to upgrade the roster in the offseason. [...]

Wright and Granderson have failed to lead the charge

After a disappointing stretch by the Mets in which they’ve lost five out of seven games to the contending Giants and Nationals, the fan base is ready to put a fork in the season and call it “a wrap.”  Though still mathematically alive with 47 games to play, the Mets chances of making a legitimate run has waned, and there’s [...]

For now, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

It’s difficult to decipher much of the intel coming from the Mets’ Triple-A affiliate Las Vegas. The hitters are mashing and the pitchers are… well, crashing in the run-happy Pacific Coast League.  Of course, the most watchful eyes are focused on the Mets’ number one prospect Noah Syndergaard, who is having a less than stellar [...]