A look at home runs of Pete Alonso in the COVID-19 shortened 2020 season

About this time last year, we were still reveling in the remarkable season that Rookie-of-the-Year Pete Alonso had, led by a remarkable barrage of 53 HR, which set a rookie record and led the major leagues. I decided to analyze each at bat leading to all 53 of Alonso’s home runs. Much to my surprise, [...]

Could a Battery of Zack Wheeler and J.T. Realmuto end up in Queens for 2021?

We’ve reached that time in the hot stove season where real news is a bit hard to come by, which leads to rampant speculation about personnel for next season or picking apart details from last season. Even in Queens, where we have. Anew owner and made a move for the pen, there is still a [...]

Critical decisions for new Mets ownership and a team roster for 2021 – and beyond

Incoming ownership faces a string of critical roster decisions beginning immediately, with Steve Cohen having virtually no time to get a handle envisioning what has to get done before he even walks in the door. So, in light of recent articles on the topic, let’s dig in and see my vision for the team next [...]

Mets’ playoff outlook based on their first-60-game record in the last five years

With Spring Training 2.0 now underway at CitiField, the sense that actual baseball being played in 2020 is palpable. No doubt, misgivings about putting people together in the midst of a spiraling pandemic still run deep, especially with Mike Trout, the game’s best player, seriously questioning his participation – and for good reason. Nevertheless, baseball [...]

This was supposed to be the summer of Jerry – Jerry Koosman

No matter what your preferred model was for predicting the outcome of the National League East this year, what seemed clear is that most really envisioned a dogfight between the Mets, Braves, and defending World Series champions Nationals. With a new skipper and reigning Cy Young and Rookie of the Year winners, there was plenty [...]

NY Mets ’til I die

In the absence of baseball, survival strategies for managing the pandemic reign supreme. As a scientist, it is hard to imagine the pathway for getting teams in isolation enough to play anytime soon. Rather than making another rear-looking assessment of past incarnations of Mets or thinking about some pathway to a 2020 season, here is [...]

Lenny Randle, an unlikely choice for one of my all-time favorite Mets

As the likelihood of actual games being played for the 2020 season diminishes daily, it’s natural to think about past games and players. Working from my home office surrounded by memorabilia and the fact that MLB network television is playing game repeats from the past added to this reflectivity, and especially who my favorite Mets [...]

Looking deeper into the PECOTA simulations for the National League East

Almost nothing brings a smile to winter-weary baseball fans than the reporting of pitchers and catchers to camp, followed by position players, then the first crack of the bat for a Spring Training game. We know it’s almost really here, actual baseball cannot be far off. And nothing accompanies actual visual contact of the team [...]

Trading for Kris Bryant: A winning move the Mets must make

With the arrival of February, the unmistakable feel of baseball surrounds us. Hey, at least the “Disastros” kept us all talking baseball through the winter along with a pretty energetic Hot Stove season, which was thankfully dominated by a lot of free agent moves and trades. Brodie Van Wagenen certainly had the Mets involved in [...]

The exhaustion of being in perpetual ‘rebuilding for it’ mode

A number of seasons back, in the heyday of the Alderson regime, I coined a phrase, “rebuilding for it,” which expressed concern of what the tepid Mets ownership and front office moves were in terms of building a perpetual winner. The idea of this mashing of thoughts stemmed from the annual off-season big words of [...]