The 1962 Mets: What George Weiss should have done

In 1958, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants made their debuts in California, leaving behind a gaping hole in the hearts and mind of baseball fans in New York City. This massive wound that was left in their perspective fanbases lead to a new baseball franchise coming into existence in 1962, the [...]

Pete Alonso and the importance of leadership

On March 12th, 2020, a thing happened that no one anticipated or had seen in our lifetimes. The major league baseball season was delayed for something that had nothing to do with the game itself. COVID-19, the strain of Coronavirus that is currently causing innumerable changes to the United States, took down, from the outside, [...]

Edwin Diaz and Bold Predictions

Here’s a bold prediction. Edwin Diaz will be better next year. The peripheral stats support that. An expectation that he won’t be better is just pessimistic. He was literally the worst closer in baseball last year. He could just be average and that would be significantly better. You know what, that’s not bold enough. Since [...]

Reinventing the Mets: 1975

Note: This is a series of articles creating an alternate history for the Mets. They started with a reinvention of the 1962 expansion draft and have progressed from there. In actual history, some of these players were Mets, some never were. This isn’t meant to be an historical re-examination of the franchise. It’s supposed to [...]