The baseball pendulum: the lack of offense, free agency, and buying championships

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, there were three big factors in Major League Baseball: offensive production, big names hitting the free agent market every year, and the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox spending more money than imaginable to win championships. Nowadays, there are three new big factors in Major League Baseball: [...]

Who has tonight’s edge: Johnny Cueto or Jacob deGrom?

After this morning’s 5-4 Kansas City Royals victory over the New York Mets, game two of the 2015 Major League Baseball World Series will begin tonight at 8:00pm E.T., and it has potential to be fantastic. The pitching matchup will feature Mets’ ace Jacob deGrom, and Royals’ “ace” Johnny Cueto. Since July 26, the day [...]

Mets 2015 regular season highlight video

From Opening Day on, there was always a story surrounding the Mets: the surprising hot start, the 11-game winning streak, the worst offense in baseball, the Wilmer Flores almost trade, the Yoenis Cespedes trade, the best offense in baseball, the Matt Harvey innings limit, the list goes on and on! But through it all, the [...]

New York Mets end of September Bench Report

Nearly mid-way into the 2015 season, the New York Mets’ pitchers had a higher batting average than their bench. Think about that…the pitchers were better than the people who are paid to be some of the most clutch players on the roster! It seemed that fans would rather have Jacob deGrom pinch-hit with the bases loaded down by [...]

An exclusive interview with Mr. Baseballs: Zack Hample

If there was a contest on who could catch the most fly balls in the stands of a baseball game, Zack Hample would far and away be the winner.  Hample has caught a countless number of historical home runs, including Mike Trout’s first, Shea Stadium’s last, and Alex Rodriguez’s 3000th hit.  This past weekend, I [...]

Defending Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey is the ace of the New York Mets, no if ands or butts about it. Sure, he may not be the best pitcher on the Mets’ staff this season, but there is no rule saying a team cannot have two aces. Last night, Harvey pitched against the Washington Nationals, and went 5.1 innings [...]