Gut Reaction: Cardinlas 5, Mets 4 (10 innings — 6/13-14/19)

The grounds crew was put to work in this one, fooling us in the ninth inning as Edwin Diaz prepared to take the mound. Pete Alonso, glove in shirt, wanted to finish the game and was able to convince the umpires to try to make it happen. While it will probably be raining in Flushing [...]

Gut Reaction: Mets 10, Yankees 4 (6/11/19 — Game #2)

The Mets sent Jason Vargas to the mound, his mission twofold: 1 – to continue his month-long streak of quality pitching; and 2 – to wash away the bitter taste from game one of this day/night twin bill at Yankee Stadium. You could say they were successful on both counts. Vargas would be opposed by [...]

Gut Reaction: Giants 9, Mets 3 (10 innings — 6/4/19)

Yes, you read that right: a six-run loss in ten innings. The Mets limped home from their 2-5 West Coast road trip, right into another marquee pitching matchup. Well, it would have been a marquee matchup a couple of years ago, anyway. Noah Syndergaard took on Madison Bumgarner and the San Francisco Giants, two teams [...]

Gut Reaction: Mets 7, Dodgers 3 (5/28/19)

Mets' General Manager Brodie van Waganen's vision came through. The Mets beat the Dodgers with a combination of great starting pitching, small-ball, power and a non-imploding bullpen. Just like he drew it up. Both starting pitchers -- Steven Matz for the Mets and Rich Hill for Los Angeles -- spent the first two innings feeling [...]

Gut Reaction: Marlins 3, Mets 0 (5/19/19)

The Mets came into this Sunday afternoon contest trying desperately to avoid the ignominy of being swept by the worst team in baseball, the Miami Marlins. Oh, and there was the added bonus of manager Mickey Callaway's job possibly hinging on the outcome. While the players themselves had no say about the latter situation, Noah [...]

Gut Reaction: Brewers 3, Mets 1 (5/3/19)

The Mets started a short but multi-mile road trip with a return entanglement with the Milwaukee Brewers. When we last saw the Brew Crew, Steven Matz held them almost completely in check and tonight, the Mets were hoping for a repeat performance. Brandon Woodruff would provide the loyal opposition, coming off a middling performance in [...]

Gut Reaction: Mets 6, Braves 2 (4/12/19)

If this first series is any indication, the nineteen contests between the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves in 2019 will be entertainment of the highest order. Taut pitching and clutch hitting have been the touchstones for New York here in the early going. A day after Pete Alonso announced himself -- loudly -- [...]

Gut Reaction: Twins 14, Mets 8 and (4/9/19)

You could kind of tell, y'know? When he went 3-2 on the leadoff hitter, you might have gotten an idea. A delayed start on a chilly night, coming off an historically good performance, with an extra day of rest... A number of factors conspired to have Jacob deGrom deliver a sub-par outing against the Minnesota [...]