Are expectations leading to Conforto’s struggles?

Michael Conforto has been promising throughout his entire professional career. The Mets had so much confidence in his bat, that he was promoted to batting third in the lineup, meaning that he was in a prime spot to drive in runs, and get on base. Considering he only played in the minor leagues for two [...]

Bartolo Colon may stay in rotation for entire season

The story was trending on Twitter, and plenty of people were sharing posts on Facebook, while Instagram was filled with videos from the unforgettable play. Bartolo Colon delivered plenty of material to baseball fans when he hit the home run off of James Shields on Saturday night. It was the story all of baseball was [...]

Sandy Alderson acquired another treasure from the Pirates

When Sandy Alderson became the General Manager of the Mets, he had the tough task of rebuilding the farm system, letting players develop, and try to make the Mets competitive as soon as possible. One of the teams that Alderson has negotiated with over his tenure has been the Pittsburgh Pirates. Out of the three [...]

Cabrera, Cespedes and Conforto leading Mets offense

Although the Mets offense ranks in the bottom half of the National League, the Mets have been scoring more efficiently throughout the past couple of games. Over the past four games, the Mets have scored 5 or more runs, and have gone 3-1 during those games. Terry Collins decided to move Michael Conforto to the [...]

Should we worry about Matt Harvey and the starting rotation?

Spring Training is an interesting time to begin analyzing, as players are just getting into the swing of things and could be experimenting with new mechanics or approaches. However, Matt Harvey’s undisclosed injury six days before Opening Day could lead to an uneasy feeling about the Mets starting rotation, which was thought to be the [...]

A new approach for Wilmer Flores and Juan Lagares

The New York Mets have two promising players on their bench this year. Both Wilmer Flores and Juan Lagares have had playing time in the majors, and have performed decently. While they could be starting, the Mets were worried about their offensive consistency throughout the year. Flores is not great defensively, but he is not [...]

Dilson Herrera’s 2016 season prepares him for future

With Spring Training just beginning, there have been numerous balls flying out of the yard, and batters running around the bases. In yesterday’s game against the Houston Astros, newly acquired Neil Walker hit a home run coming from the left side of the plate, and last week, Dilson Herrera hit an inside-the-park home run against [...]

Watch out for Jim Henderson in Spring Training

Closers have been hot commodities throughout this past offseason. Craig Kimbrel was traded for a package of solid players in order to close out games in Boston this upcoming season. Aroldis Chapman joined Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller in the backend of the Yankees’ bullpen in order to shorten the games. The Kansas City Royals [...]

Matt Harvey and an extension?

As the New York Mets begin Spring Training, one of their promising pitchers arrived to camp, eager to begin his second full season after enduring Tommy John surgery. Headlines and rumors flooded as Matt Harvey spoke to reporters about a possible contract extension with the team. Although various outlets have reported that he is open to [...]