Mets baseball is back and it will solve all of our problems

In typical 2020 fashion, baseball is now really weird. There are cardboard cutouts of fans in the stands at Citi Field. Yoenis Cespedes is finally a DH. There's a phantom runner on second base to start extra innings. Some ball parks are piping in recorded crowd noise. Relievers now have to face a minimum [...]

Mets will face a tough decision on Marcus Stroman

With the 2020 season up in the air, any Mets who were entering their walk years, will be suddenly facing free agency. This includes Yoenis Cespedes, Wilson Ramos, and several pitchers, most notably, Marcus Stroman. After the Mets parted with two of their top pitching prospects – Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson – to [...]

Noah Syndergaard’s injury raises a lot of questions

That the hard-throwing, weight lifting Noah Syndergaard finally succumbed to Tommy John surgery wasn't that big of a surprise. After all, the list of triple digit fastball throwers who haven't torn their ulnar collateral ligament is a lot shorter than the list of pitchers with that tell-tale ugly scar on the inside of their arm. [...]

2020 Mets have a path to the pennant

"Here goes MattyMets again with his far-flung optimism," I can hear Chris F saying from miles away. My optimism has as much to do with the state of the National League as my confidence in our current team. Having read through every season preview I can get my hands on, I have a pretty good [...]

2020 Mets not yet ready for prime time

There are only 17 days remaining until Mets pitchers and catchers report to Port St. Lucie for 2020 spring training. This past week, they seemingly filled the final, very important vacancy in hiring Luis Rojas to be their new manager. They also resigned Rene Rivera to a non-guaranteed contract with big league incentives to provide [...]

Mets keep it in-house with hire of Luis Rojas

Following the search, hire, and controversial dismissal of Carlos Beltran, the Mets opted to replace him with an in-house candidate and one of the runner-up candidates from their previous search, Luis Rojas. Having been with the Mets organization since 2011, Rojas has been an organizational mainstay with managing stints with the rookie league, low A [...]

Mets roster well-positioned for 4th place

The Mets are "nowhere near done" according to a NY Post article this week. Let's hope the unnamed source who provided that juicy quote knows what they're talking about. Despite recently learning that Mets ownership would change for the better, that we'd save millions on Yoenis Cespedes' contract, and that our division rivals have been [...]

Zack Wheeler better be the last homegrown star to leave

There's still a slim chance Zack Wheeler will be in a Mets uniform on opening day. Just as there's a slim chance Anthony Rendon will be manning third base or Mookie Betts will be patrolling center field. Odds are, we've seen our last of Wheeler in blue and orange and it stings. Why? Because a) [...]

Van Wagenen must look for diamonds in the rough

"The Mets right now are painted into a corner. They have too many big contracts to realistically rebuild. They have too little payroll room to make a major addition without touching their core." That's what our fearless leader, Brian Joura eloquently stated earlier this week. My takeaway is that in order to improve this team [...]