Mets Minors: Farewell to Andres Gimenez and Mets prospects

As everyone knows by now, the Mets traded four players to Cleveland for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco.  The Mets pick up a major upgrade at shortstop and a vital frontline starter for the next three years. While I didn’t consider upgrading from Gimenez to Lindor a necessary move (especially considering the money) there's wisdom [...]

Discussing Mets prospects after a lost minor league season

Perhaps no one in the Mets360 family feels more strained for baseball than the Minor League baseball guy. While the Mets have drafted, scouted and seen some key players successfully ascend to the majors (Andres Gimenez) we have so little to base our 2021 projections on, since we’re starved for the statistical reporting that most [...]

Mets Minors: The difference between the upper and lower levels, Part II

Last month I analyzed the Met farm system and reviewed 10 case studies of starting pitchers who have recently risen through the ranks. This month we’ll be doing something similar for batting but we’re going to be handling things slightly differently this time around.  Instead of reviewing and analyzing case studies, we will review perception [...]

Mets Minors: The difference between the upper and lower levels for pitchers

Over the next two months we’ll be looking at Case Studies of players who spent time in the Mets Minor League System. For October, we’ll be focused on pitchers and then next month we'll look at some hitters. The purpose of these studies is to delve into the differences between pitching in each level of [...]

Mets Minors: Please, no more Brian Dozier types

The Mets are coming off their first series win and they have a number of meaningful injuries that are going to send them scrambling for backups in this shortened season. When Yoenis Cespedes walked away the Mets were given an opportunity to play some of their younger players more. This has led to more playing [...]

Mets Minors: Thomas Szapucki and short season squad

The news is in and it is final, the MLB has canceled the minor league season for 2020. The Mets will need to pause the career progress of a number of their most promising players (Ronny Mauricio, Matthew Allan, Francisco Alvarez etc…) as the world reacts to the Covid-19 situation and we hope they will [...]

Mets Minors: Thomas Szapucki and the impact prospects

Last month the focus here was on Patrick Mazeika, a “hitting” catcher who is already past the age that most prospects have reached the majors. As great as his Spring Training numbers were, even I know that Mazeika will never impact a major league team in any meaningful way so instead of focusing on players [...]

Scouting Jarred Kelenic against top pitching prospect Forrest Whitley

Late last season, the Seattle Mariners AA affiliate, the Arkansas Travelers, were facing Forrest Whitley (23) and the AA affiliate of the Houston Astros, so it was a good time to see personally how good Jarred Kelenic (21) actually was. Whitley is a top prospect for the Astros that had a tough 2019 and was [...]

Mets Minors: Patrick Mazeika and other NRIs you might not know

If anyone listens in when I join Brian on the Mets360 podcast you are aware that there is a history on the player Patrick Mazeika. When the Mets drafted the “hitting” catcher in the 8th round of the 2015 draft and assigned him to Kingsport you would rightly assume he was just a depth piece [...]

Alexander Ramirez and the international signees of 2019

The Mets have a long history of making a splash in the international free agent market. People paid attention when the Mets signed Amed Rosario for $1.75 Million in 2012. In 2015 we remember hearing about the $1.2 Million the mets gave Andres Gimenez. Ronny Mauricio’s $2.1 Million dollar signing bonus was the big news [...]