An analysis of the spray charts of potential Mets

As the Flushing Faithful start prepare for the first season of the Steve Cohen regime, the excitement is extremely plausible. A large number of articles have been released regarding the potential acquisitions that the New York Mets could make this offeseason. While Cohen is expected to make waves this offseason with acquisitions, it is first [...]

On Luis Rojas’ return, the top offseason priority, bullpen vs. defense

Welcome to the second installment of our baseball chat, again with Chris Flanders. Most of this took place before the news about Robinson Cano hit but know that both of us were not disappointed at all. Brian - Everyone was all excited about the dual Steve Cohen/Sandy Alderson press conference the other day and truthfully [...]

When did cheating become a way of life?

Eno Sarris published an article in the Athletic two days before the Cy Young winners were announced, one of whom was Trevor Bauer. The main thrust of the article was that most pitchers cheat and it’s acceptable. Specifically, after speaking with close to 20 MLB hitters, pitchers, and pitching coaches, Sarris stated that “a large [...]

Signing George Springer good for Mets on and off the field

Heading into 2005, Mets GM Omar Minaya made big strides toward turning the team into a true contender. Perhaps the move that signaled that more than any other was his signing of Carlos Beltran to a seven-year, $119 million contract to patrol center field. In the years since, the world learned who Bernard Madoff was, [...]

Jeff McNeil and the trouble with small sample conclusions

Most fans are familiar with the concept – if not necessarily when or how to apply it – of a small sample size. A sample with fewer chances shouldn’t be taken as seriously as one with a much greater pool of outcomes. Tomas Nido put up a 150 wRC+ last year, which is essentially what [...]

The Steve Cohen/Sandy Alderson era of good feeling

We are Mets fans. We aren’t used to this. No, this isn’t yet another “Woe is us, we can’t ever get a break” article. This isn’t yet another lament about the hardships of being a Mets fan. This is not about being snakebit, baby. The Mets currently sit near the top of the shabby chic [...]

Choices and consequences of being a Mets fan against the DH

FanGraphs is running a poll, asking readers what they thought of the changes MLB made for the 2020 season. The first question is about the NL adopting the DH and asking if it should be that way going forward. My vote was for “no” and I was disappointed to find out that slightly over 75% [...]

Trevor Bauer is a good fit for the Mets

The Mets starting rotation needs to be upgraded and fortified for the 2021 season. The 2020 rotation figured to be a strong point before last season, then the combination of Zack Wheeler departing for free agency, Noah Syndergaard tearing up his elbow, and Marcus Stroman sitting out the season led to serious underperformance in aggregate [...]

On the claim that the Mets improved under Brodie Van Wagenen

Friday was an amazing day in Mets history, as Steve Cohen assumed ownership of the Mets and Sandy Alderson did his best Michael Corleone impression by cleaning house, announcing that Brodie Van Wagenen, his three top lieutenants and Omar Minaya would be leaving the organization. If there was the slightest bit of uncertainty, these moves [...]

The unmasking of the hypocrites and cowards who voted against Steve Cohen

We saw many MLB players react negatively when the Astros cheating scandal became public. But that’s nothing compared to how the players react when the owners collude to keep down salaries. It brings to mind Billy Martin’s great quote about Reggie Jackson and George Steinbrenner, where he said, “One’s a born liar and the other’s [...]

New free agent Charlie Morton becomes a Mets target

Charlie Morton is a free agent. On the list of things that don’t make sense baseball-wise in 2020, this has to rank up near the top. Sure, everyone was shocked when the Indians non-tendered Brad Hand. But Hand was a reliever. Morton is a good starting pitcher, one with a noted playoff performance history. Guys [...]