A Blueprint for the Perfect Mets Off-Season

Although the Mets had a disappointing 2020 season and missed the playoffs, MattyMets here feels like a winner. At long last, we have the deep-pocketed ownership this New York team with the world's most awesome fans deserves. You have to take the 2020 season with a grain of salt, not only because of the shortened [...]

Comparing the 2020 salaries of Mets’ players to their production

Players have always been underpaid. In the last 30-plus years the system was set up so that the top players who were good enough to continue playing until they were eligible for free agency would end up getting paid closer to what they were worth. And frequently, those veterans got paid significantly more than they [...]

The complete game: Trevor Bauer vs Marcus Stroman

The Mets need starting pitching. Once upon a time, this was a franchise known for starting pitching beginning with the Franchise himself: Tom Seaver. In the recent and more relevant past, there was a dream of five aces, a 2015 World Series run, and a 2016 Wild Card appearance. Even when the Mets fell off [...]

On Sandy Alderson’s second act, diminishing defensive returns and Trevor Bauer & J.T. Realmuto

There's a whole generation of fans who never experienced the late, great "2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball." For those who missed out, it was two pals - Michael Geus and Jimmy Preller - who had a blog with daily articles where they would have a conversation about the Mets. It was like a podcast except [...]

Bringing Stroman back can help push Mets to contention

If the 2020 version of the New York Mets taught us anything, it is that you simply can’t overstate the importance of quality starting pitching. Starters for the Mets last season compiled an ERA of 6.07. This is not the standard that we are used to seeing from the Mets rotation, as for the past [...]

Trying to find a reason to stick with Steven Matz in 2021

Don’t get me wrong. I like Steven Matz. He’s easy to root for as a Long Island kid pitching for his hometown team. Overall, however, his 2020 season didn’t build on his 2018 and 2019 performances. In his sixth season with the team, the 29-year-old southpaw went 0-5 in six game starts (plus three relief [...]

For Pete’s sake – and the Mets’ sake – Pete Alonso should be traded

Some teams can afford the luxury of two superior players who play the same position. The last-place Mets are not one of those teams, they have a few too many needs that could be filled by dealing either Pete Alonso or Dominic Smith, both first basemen. For this article we will focus on the benefits [...]

A plan for Steve Cohen and managerial responsibility and accountability

There’s a Comment Policy for the site, which encourages people to be polite and inquisitive. It also spells out that this place is not a democracy. The goal is to be a benevolent dictatorship. Anyway, there’s a passage in the policy that’s in the front of my mind today after yesterday’s article and some of [...]