What happens to the void Seth Lugo leaves in the bullpen?

It isn’t a stretch to say that the Mets rotation needs a talent like Seth Lugo.  After Zack Wheeler took his services to the team that wanted him more than the Mets, Noah Syndergaard needed corrective surgery on his pitching elbow, Marcus Stroman decided to stay safe at home this year, and Steven Matz has [...]

Jacob deGrom and how greatness doesn’t equal fairness

Most of us have an inherent sense of fairness, where we want to see guys rewarded for the work that they do. This can manifest itself in many ways, both positive and negative. For me, it burns me up when someone gets preferential treatment because they were good on another team three years ago. How [...]

Steven Matz’s move to the bullpen won’t stop the homers

Leave it to the Mets to take a seemingly obvious decision and make it in the most excruciatingly inept way with what appears to be an almost embarrassing lack of forethought. After days of refusing to commit to Steven Matz's next start and flirting with the idea of moving Seth Lugo into the rotation, the [...]

Dominic Smith, Michael Conforto and other Mets Maulers

Topps' 1967 baseball card set featured a subset with multiple players on a card with an alliteration theme based on the team's name. There was "Cards Clubbers," "Pitt Power" and "Twin Terrors." For the Mets, it was "Mets Maulers" and it featured Ed Kranepool and Ron Swoboda. While they ended up as two of the [...]

Like it or not, the Cano-Diaz trade will always be a failure

Regardless of the production received from Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz over the course of their careers as New York Mets, it will never be enough to quell the appetite of what Met fans desire from them. In order to get Cano and Diaz, the Mets had to trade away Jarred Kelenic, who has appeared [...]

Jared Hughes and the benefits of being ahead of the curve

In the 1960s and 1970s, the National League dominated the American League in the All-Star game. And the reason is pretty simple. The NL was quicker to embrace black players than the AL was. The 1965 starting lineup for the NL had black stars Ernie Banks, Dick Allen, Willie Stargell, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron. [...]