What to expect from Mets’ newest pitching additions

The unanimous feeling amongst Mets fans this offseason was that the franchise needed to acquire more arms to compete, especially with the loss of ace Johan Santana, who will most likely be out for half the year with a shoulder injury. Many Mets fans were upset that the team stood idle while divisional-rival Philadelphia snatched [...]

Manny Acosta and the bullpen competition

After a flurry of moves in the past 10 days, the Mets seem set with the people they will bring to Spring Training to compete for jobs. There should be plenty of competition for a slot in the bullpen, as there should be no fewer than nine relievers vying for the final four spots. Earlier [...]

Innings projections for the 2011 Mets

With the signing of Chris Young, the Mets rotation appears to be set in 2011. Young was not my first choice for a bargain-basement pitcher, but at least if I squint real hard I can imagine him being a useful pitcher this season, which is more than I can say for Kevin Millwood. Now, we [...]

Sizing up the Mets’ 2011 Opening Day roster

While there are several jobs up in the air, the Opening Day roster is starting to take shape for the Mets. There are 17 positions which seem set and another four which seem likely. And the remaining four are possibly already on the team, it is just a matter of which direction Terry Collins and [...]

Mets should embrace platooning in 2011

After avoiding platoons for most of the past few seasons, the Mets could be moving back to this strategy in 2011, with potential platoon situations at both catcher and second base. With the LaRussification of bullpen usage, platoons have fallen out of favor throughout the majors in recent years, as spots that would go to [...]

Where does Duda fit in Mets’ 2011 plans?

Barring any trades, the Mets know that they will head into the season with Jason Bay, Carlos Beltran and Angel Pagan as their everyday outfield. What remains to be seen is who will open in centerfield: Beltran or Pagan? However, another issue facing the Mets is who will be the forth outfielder? Do the Mets [...]

Alderson & Co. Listen To The Right Voices: Their Own

Seems to me… …the Mets are finally getting it. Let’s face facts: our orange & blue heroes probably won’t be contending in 2011. There. I said it. With the roster as presently constituted, coupled with the competition in the suddenly intimidating NL East – let’s be real: 2006 was a looooong time ago – the [...]

Perez Deal Is No Kazmir Trade

Just like us regular folk, Major League Baseball teams look towards the winter months for something special. The only difference is your mother would be happy with a $50 sweater and the Red Sox spent $20.3 million a year for Carl Crawford. Now it’s common knowledge the New York Mets don’t have much financial flexibility [...]

Pitch counts and Al Jackson’s 15-inning game

Perhaps no issue in baseball today is more divisive than pitch counts. Advocates of pitch counts claim that it helps to protect young arms and that it is better to get 15 years of a guy throwing 200 IP a year than risk just getting five years of a guy throwing 300 IP a year [...]

Bay resurgence critical to Mets 2011 success

Back in the winter of 2004, Carlos Beltran signed a lucrative seven-year $119 million deal with the New York Mets. Beltran was immediately expected to lead the Mets to great heights and live up to his lofty contract. Beltran was coming off a marvelous 2004 post-season run with the Houston Astros in which he hit [...]