8/20/95 –The Day of Isringhausen

So I’ve heard tell this morning that Jason Isringhausen is at Mets’ camp. Apparently, Izzy’s auditioning for a spot in a bullpen which is simultaneously overcrowded and barren, somehow. When I heard this, I was immediately brought back to a hot afternoon in mid-August, 1995. Shea Stadium was a ghost town. The Strike of ’94 [...]

The real reason Jason Bay struggled in 2010

Some people blame the poor season last year by Jason Bay on his move to Citi Field. Others blame it on the season-ending concussion that knocked him out of action before he could turn things around. Me, I have a different theory. Bay’s poor first season is a direct result of his uniform number. While [...]

Mets Card of the Week: Fleer World Series Mets-Orioles

This is all about the gum. It could be about a lot of different things, I suppose. The vibrant Laughlin artwork. The earlier iterations of the set (1967 and 1970), or the subsequent update (1978). Maybe the trajectory of the Topps monopoly… Or perhaps the 1969 World Series itself. Which I suspect you all know [...]

Mets Card of the Week: 1970 Chemtoys

1970 Mets Chemtoys My memories of these are tactile. I don't see them in my mind's eye. I roll them over in my mind's hand. They were sold in league-specific vending boxes, 144 of them packed together. And after a few days on the shelf, the Woodwards and Ferraras greatly outnumbered the Roses and Clementes. [...]

Mets Card of the Week: Bruce Boisclair

1978 TOPPS BRUCE BOISCLAIR #277 Deadline was approaching, and I was looking for a Zen route out of a writer's rut. I resolved to do a Google image search on “Topps Mets cards” and write a piece on the first hit. And the internet being the magnificent animal that it is, the initial image this [...]

Mets Short-Term All-Stars

Recently at BTF we were discussing all-star teams for franchises made up of guys who made their marks elsewhere but who had a cup of coffee with the team in question. I made a list of hitters for the Mets and thought it was interesting enough to do pitchers, too, and write it up here. [...]

Mets Card of the Week: 1970 NL Batting Leaders (Cleon Jones)

1970 TOPPS NL BATTING LEADERS #61 Mets’ fans of the ‘60s must have thought that Topps league-leader cards were designed to be cruel. These cards just rubbed it in the face of the orange and blue. “Where are your Koufaxes and Mantles and Gibsons?” they shouted mockingly from multi-paned windows. And out in the street, [...]

Mets should embrace platooning in 2011

After avoiding platoons for most of the past few seasons, the Mets could be moving back to this strategy in 2011, with potential platoon situations at both catcher and second base. With the LaRussification of bullpen usage, platoons have fallen out of favor throughout the majors in recent years, as spots that would go to [...]

The Polo Grounds, HR and the Mets

Before moving into brand new Shea Stadium in 1964, the Mets played their first two seasons in the Polo Grounds, the former home of the New York Giants. The Polo Grounds were located in Upper Manhattan and one of the reasons the Giants wanted to move is that the neighborhood was not exactly five-star quality. [...]

Mets Card of the Week: Sergio Ferrer

1979 TOPPS SERGIO FERRER #397 Someone had to stand as a symbol of the colorless ineptitude of the late '70s Mets. Sure, the practical avenue would have been to focus on ownership and/or management. But I was a kid. I needed a more visceral symbol. I needed Sergio Ferrer. In 1979, I heaped all my [...]