Mets Trivia: Who was the 2011 team’s best fielder?

Are you familiar with the stat Defensive Runs Saved? You should be. Here’s a description, courtesy of Sports Illustrated writer Joe Posnanski: “[T]he numbers determines (using film study and computer comparisons) how many more or fewer successful plays a defensive player will make than league average. For instance, if a shortstop makes a play that [...]

Mets Trivia: 2000 NLCS

With the recent retirement of Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa, now seems to be a good time to remember a time that the Mets got the better of the future Hall of Fame manager - the 2000 NLCS. Which Mets player led the team with a .444 AVG in that series? Was it: A: Benny Agbayani [...]

Mets Trivia: International edition

One of the wonderful things about baseball is how many people from all over the world play the game. MLB rosters have players from the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, Columbia, Australia, Korea and others. Today's trivia question is: Can you name the 11 players on the Mets' all-time [...]