Mets 2020 projections: Noah Syndergaard

Perhaps no pitcher on the staff has the chance to benefit more from new pitching coach Jeremy Hefner than Noah Syndergaard. Sure, sure – Edwin Diaz' results may be more important to the club. But would Hefner get credit for that or would it be the offseason work with Pedro Martinez that Diaz has supposedly [...]

Mets 2019 projection review: Outfielders

This is the third and final edition of our series where we go back and revisit the preseason predictions made here at the site. Today we’ll look at the outfielders. Let’s compare the Mets360 forecast to what the player actually did. And if a reader put in a particularly good prediction in the comments section, [...]

Mets 2019 projections: Jason Vargas

Jason Vargas is a nice representation of everything that troubles me about the way the Mets conduct business. They like to reward old guys from other organizations with limited upside and Vargas checks all three of those boxes. That being said, he’s a perfectly fine fifth starter and if the biggest problem on your team [...]