Port St. Lucie has been the home to some exciting developments in 2012: The resurgence of Wilmer Flores, Corey Vaughn and Cesar Puello, the developing power of Daniel Muno and the great pitching of Chase Huchingson and Adam Koralek.  Most recently Port St. Lucie witnessed the first rehab starts of, prospect pitcher, Jenrry Mejia, and, voted most likely to be injured by August, Chris Young.

On Thursday May 9th: Jenrry Mejia went out and threw 5 innings of work.  He gave up 4 hits, 2 ER, walked 2 and only struck out 1, but it was nice to see him healthy.  You might recall that Mejia was pitching in AAA Buffalo in 2011 when he injured himself and required Tommy John surgery.  His start puts him slightly ahead of the schedule I had set for him, but I would bet on Mejia joining Harvey and Familia by Mid-June.

When he does get rolling there is still plenty of debate about his future role for the team.  Some people maintain that his mechanics and size aren’t sustainable for a starting pitcher (ala Pedro Martinez) and that he’s destined to be a reliever.  Others point to his success as a starter in AA and AAA (there are flaws but he still had success) and don’t want Mejia wasted as an RP when he might be a front-end starter.  Personally: I would have Mejia start in 2012.  We should see who among Harvey, Familia, Mejia, Wheeler, McHugh, Gorski and whoever else might be ready to compete for the rotation.  If Mejia isn’t good as a starter in 2012… he’s a closer for AAA to start 2013.

On Friday May 10th: Chris Young threw 5 masterful innings of work.  He gave up 5 hits, 0 Runs, 2 Walks and struck out 4.  Young and Mejia are not in the same boat.  As soon as Chris Young proves his arm is up to speed and he can go 100 pitches, he’s in the rotation.  Met fans can’t expect too much from Young, who seems to always pitch well… but never stay on the mound too long.  If Young can bridge the gap to Harvey or Familia being ready at the end of the year to get their feet wet… it’s all we could have ever hoped for.

On the side of all this is another… less attractive option.  D.J. Carrasco is in AAA and he’s actually pitched alright.  He needs to build up some stamina… but if the options remain Schwinden, Hefner and Batista for too long… Carasco isn’t exactly a terrible 4th option.  Here is hoping that Chris Young is ready before the Mets need to consider it.

2 comments on “Jenrry Mejia and Chris Young both eyeing Mets’ rotation vacancy

  • Mack Ade

    intereting decisions coming up…

    Young will head to Buffalo after one more and then, it’s up to Sandy.

    He’s “sitting” at 86-88 which has always been his top speed. He had plenty of extended camp time, so, he really is ready in less than two weeks.

    let’s hope…

  • jerseymet

    Nice post. Mejia has been the forgotten man. I was thinking he would be an 8th innning guy.

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