Mets Minors: Matt Den Dekker a mixed success in AA

After college, Matt Den Dekker was selected by the New York Mets in the fifth round of the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft. In 2010 Den Dekker managed a combined line of: .336/23/0/20/11/33.  It isn’t the kind of line that makes people too excited.  He showed a good glove and was expected to be a mediocre defensive OF option down the road… and I wrote him off.  In 2011 he had a combined line of: .265/103/17/68/51/156/24.  Now… that line is interesting.  Den Dekker managed to score 103 Runs, he clubbed 17 HRs (Not to mention 32 Doubles and 11 Triples) and he still showed great defense.  The issue… One Hundred and Fifty Six Strike Outs… Is a problem.

In 2012, Den Dekker is hitting .295 and slugging .525.  He has 11 Doubles, 3 Triples and 5 HRs and he’s off to what SEEMS like a good start to the year.  Excepting that in 34 games he’s already struck out 36 times.  It’s also worthy of noting that against lefties he’s hittin.194 and ha 11 K’s in only 31 ABs.  So, what do we read into Den Dekker’s 2012 numbers thus far?

Matt Den Dekker Can Hit:  He’s not your typical light hitting CF who is going to steal 30 bases and live at the top or bottom of your lineup.  Den Dekker has the power and hitting ability to live somewhere between the 5th and 7th spot.

Matt Den Dekker Isn’t Ready:  If I was only looking at the BB:K ratio it wouldn’t be so bad.  He has enough power to warrant a 1:3 but that 1.1 K per game average isn’t something that he can maintain with his production levels.  What I would want to see is that in a 150 game season… Den Dekker is striking out less than 100 times.  I don’t think that is too much to ask.  Until then… he’s a minor leaguer.

Matt Den Dekker Is Too Exciting To Not Watch:  I still believe that Den Dekker is a future star CF and that he has a future with the Mets.  I still would call him a Carlos Betran Lite and hope that he can become a more disciplined hitter.

Around The Minors:


Matt Harvey Still a Work in Progress – Matt had a solid outing last Tuesday only giving up 5 hits and 3 walks in 6 innings.  He followed it up with a less stellar outing yesterday, giving up 7 hits, 4 walks and 4 runs.  He’s not doing poorly but he’s also not nearly where I’d want him to be if I were looking to promote him.

Jeremy Hefner Looking Towards MLB – Hefner has been very good in his last 4 outings in AAA and I think that the Mets need to give him a shot the next opportunity they have to start him in the majors.  I don’t think he’s a MLB caliber player but he’s earned a shot.

Familia’s Best AAA Start – 6 Innings, 4 Hits, 2 Walks, 1 Run and 6 Strike Outs… Not bad at all.  Familia is the next starter so hopefully he follows it up with another strong outing.

Elvin Ramirez a Solution to Frankie Franks? – I’m not suggesting that Ramirez be handed a closer’s role.  I’m suggesting that Jon Rauch becomes the closer, Elvin Ramirez comes up to replace a struggling Manny Acosta and that Francisco gets pushed out of pressure situations for a while.  Elvin Ramirez has done almost nothing I don’t like all year long.  Guy’s been great!


Jefry Marte Hits a Homer – He’s had a good year but Marte’s power just hasn’t been there all season.  Consider his 8 extra base hits to Den Dekker’s 19.  Marte is going to need to turn things on in a hurry as a certain player named Wilmer is both hitting and handling himself at 3B.

Eric Campbell “Soup” Is Hot – Was that a good pun?  Don’t worry, I have more.  He’s not a prospect… I didn’t think Satin or Lutz were prospects either so… maybe he is… but I don’t know.  Soup is hitting .375 with a 1.112 OPS in the last 10 games.  He’s sorta a super sub for AA but his hitting is probably earning him more at bats in the near future.

Juan Lagares Emulates Marte – Juan is not having a BAD season, but he needs to show more power to be a corner outfielder and he’s just not there yet.

Mark Cohoon Earning His Way Back Into Our Minds – 2011 basically made a lot of writers give up on Mark Cohoon.  Back in AA, Mark has found his confidence and has earned the shot to try to pitch in AAA again.  When the Mets give him that chance depends upon when they are ready to move other players around.

Zack Wheeler Healthy and Still Sharp – First game back from injury: 5 innings, 6 Hits, 1 Walk, 1 ER and 7 Strike Outs.  Wheeler is moving up to AAA this season.  No question.


Wilmer Flores Keeps Rolling – Wlmer Flores is hitting and seems to be holding his own at his new position.  So… ignoring the fact that he’s blocked by Wright… there is a very good chance that he’s our #1 non-pitching prospect again.

Daniel Muno… Keeps Showing Power – I don’t get it, but I’m not going to complain.  He has 3 HRs in his last 10 games and Muno has been an offensive star since being drafted.  I only wish he was a natural SS.

Speaking of Natural Short Stops… What About Wilfredo Tovar? – His OPS is only .747… then again… His OPS is .747 and that isn’t exactly bad.


T.J. Rivera Is The Best Hitter/Worst Fielder In Savannah – You know who has an OPS of 1.001 on the year?  You know who is one of the only fielders who makes Aderlin Rodriguez look good?  Yeah… T.J. is a work in progress.

Travis Taijeron Might Force Cesar Puello To Play CF – He keeps hitting but I can’t keep making him my focus story each week.  Taijeron has an OPS of 1.032 and in the past 10 games 1.225.  I’ve basically assumed that Taijeron is a player I’ve created and am playing “My Player Mode” with in MLB 2K12.  If Taijeron is promoted Vaughn or Puello would need to shift to center.  Good news is that either guy can handle things there.

Albert Cordero Hitting Homers – It’s 2 HRs in the last 5 games and it isn’t a lot to read into… but he is our #1 catching prospect… (Sigh…)

Tyler Pill Is Good Medicine – And that was a terrible pun.  Pill has his K-rate rocking to the point where I get excited.  Especially when the ERA is also under 2.00.

Domingo Tapia Nearly Perfect – 5.2 innings without a hit is 5.2 innings without a hit.  Bravo!

At Least We Have A Decent Pair Of Pants – More bad puns!  Alex Panteliodis has a .089 ERA and peripherals that make me yawn.

Jacob deGrom’s Magical Outing – He came out of nowhere, threw 6.2 innings of 1 hit, no walk, 7 strike out baseball and hopefully will soon do it again.

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