It has been noted here and elsewhere, the startling lack of activity by the New York Mets in the ramp-up to the trading deadline. If you’re reading this, you know the litany: the Mets were firmly “in it,” on July 6. The time would have appeared to be ripe for reinforcements – in the form of a lefty-mashing catcher or outfielder and additional bullpen arms — heading into the All-Star Game, baseball’s semi-annual trade show. Surely, Mets’ GM Sandy Alderson would come away with a useful piece or two for a sure-to-be-exhilarating stretch run. For whatever reason, he came away with nothing.

Was he throwing his body in front of the farm system, shouting “YOU! SHALL! NOT! PASS!?” Was he aiming for the moon and unwilling to settle for anything less than his fondest desire? Was he simply hamstrung by the Wilpons’ iffy finances? Obviously, we’ll never know. Sandy Alderson did not get as far as he has, or build his very high repute by acting like an idiot. No GM worth his salt – let alone Alderson, who, more often than not, is the smartest man in the room – is going to publicly reveal his intentions, other than in the broadest of terms. “We want to get younger.” “We want to get more athletic.” “Our team speed is an area for improvement.” No one is ever going to say “Jason Bay is a drain on our payroll and an unproductive slug on the field and needs to be moved out of here,” or “Alfonso Soriano signed a stupid contract seven years ago and we’d like to pawn him off on anyone who’ll take him.” Such statements would kind of destroy your leverage a little bit, no? They’d put a bit of a crimp in the return you could expect from moving such a player, one would think. But there is one more questions to ask: as the minutes tick down –right around three hours to the deadline as I write this – is Sandy finished?

Last night’s game – an 8-7, ten-inning road win that would have been thrilling if not for the Mets’ July-Curl-Up-and-Die – is interesting in terms of the trade deadline, as well. Let’s look at some facts:

FACT 1: Last night, Scott Hairston cracked two round-trippers in the late innings to first, tie the game in the 6th, then untie it in the 10th.

FACT 2: Scott Hairston has a history of tormenting the San Francisco Giants.

FACT 3: The San Francisco Giants are in the market for a righty power hitter.

FACT 4: The San Francisco Giants and New York Mets are amicable trading partners, both teams having benefitted greatly from the Carlos Beltran/Zack Wheeler deal.

These four facts would seemingly paint the ultimate “sell high” scenario for Hairston and the Mets. Many in the media, however – Fox Sports’ Jon Morosi, ESPN’s Jerry Crasnik, the New York Post’s Ken Davidoff most prominent among them – are all writing/Tweeting that the Mets insist Hairston will be staying put. Matthew Cerrone over at METSBLOG.COM even goes so far as to speculate that this might all be part of an overarching plan on Sandy’s part to use the media to feign disinterest in moving Hairston, thereby driving up interest in his services and possibly delivering a bigger haul than would have normally.

Sandy Alderson now has less than has three hours to dust off his wizard hat and see if he can conjure something. If he’s willing and able.

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9 comments on “Does Sandy Alderson Have Something Up His Sleeve For The Trade Deadline?

  • David Groveman

    Who would you reasonably target from San Francisco for Scott Hairston?

    My Short List:

    Tommy Joseph, C, Grade B-: Borderline B: I like the way he improved his defense, also has standout power, hit 22 homers in High-A at age 19/20. Strike zone judgment remains poor and precludes higher grade, but he projects as a regular catcher if he can improve his approach.

    Joe Panik, SS-2B, Grade B: I was very impressed with him in the Arizona Fall League. Line drive bat with gap power, good plate discipline, uses speed well on the bases, plays with fire. I think he can be an average defensive shortstop or above-average at second base. Nice tablesetter when combined with Brown at the top of the future Giants order.

    Eric Surkamp, LHP, Grade B-: Doesn’t throw hard but has the statistical components of a power pitcher, excellent K/IPs and few hits, in the minors anyway. Was more tentative in the majors once the scouting reports got around and was hit hard. I think he can adjust and become a solid number four starter.

    • Charlie Hangley

      Well, I think you can scratch Joseph from the list: going to Philly for Hunter Pence, as we speak.

      • Charlie Hangley

        Joseph, Schierholz and a pitcher.

        • Chris F

          I could go there, but Im a fan of Hairston and happy if he stays in NY. Philly in absolute melt down mode…and after the Hamel signing. Its chaos over there!

  • Mike Koehler

    Just found a nugget of insight into Sandy’s thinking. This came up on MLB Trade Rumors a few hours ago.

    Alderson was looking for a top 5 prospect out of the Tigers’ system in exchange for Hairston. I don’t know whether to commend him for aiming high or slap him upside the head for having unrealistic expectations. Maybe it was just a ploy to drive up Detroit’s final offer?

    • Brian Joura

      Can’t blame Detroit for turning that one down. I’m not surprised that we didn’t make any moves. It was too late to be a buyer and we just didn’t have anything worth selling.

      • Charlie Hangley

        Agreed. I thought Cerrone might have been onto something. Oh, well…

  • steevy

    So,nothing happened right?

  • steevy

    Hairston is a 4th or 5th Of,a good 4th or 5th to be sure.I would have dealt him for a prospect.Alderson clearly wanted to do nothing.

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