With the season rapidly and mercilessly winding down, this very well could be the last 12 games we see Scott Hairston in a Mets’ uniform.

For a season that has gone south with each agonizing moment begetting another one, one of the constants (specifically on offense) through all the turbulence this season has been the play of Hairston.

Hairston came up big on Friday in the Mets’ first win at Citi Field in what seems like a decade, as he went 2-4 with a home run and three RBI’s. Then again, Hairston has come up big the whole season, as he has been a valuable asset from the start while playing mostly off the bench. Hairston now has 18 home runs on the season to go with 51 RBI’s and a healthy .812 OPS.

However, this may be Hairston’s swan song with the Mets, as he probably does not fit into the Mets’ long-term plans (he is on a one-year $1.1 million deal). Also, considering the season he is enjoying, Hairston should be in line for a nice pay raise next year and he’ll likely be out of the pay-range the Mets would be willing to offer.

Although these assumptions are not absolute, I view Hairston’s chances of coming back to the Mets as slim and none.

That being said, I would like to dedicate this space for Hairston and thank him for his brief time with the Mets.

While his 2011 season was nothing to write home about (.235/.303/.470 slash line with seven home runs and 24 RBI’s in 132 at-bats), Hairston more than made up for it with a terrific rebound season this year. Hairston’s slash line this year now reads .267/.305/.506 in 330 at-bats.

What Hairston will be remembered most for this season was the numbers he posted against lefties. He simply assaulted lefties, as he posted a .297/.330/.564 slash line while mashing 10 of his 18 home runs against southpaws. Those numbers are amplified when you consider the clutch factor behind many of those hits.

This season’s highlights (yes cynical Mets’ fan, there are a few) will be centered on the pitching heroics of R.A. Dickey, Johan Santana achieving the first ever Mets’ no-hitter and the emergence of pitching prospect Matt Harvey, but the play of Hairston should not get lost in the shuffle.

They say you don’t appreciate the fine things in life until they’re gone. Well, I have a felling the Mets will be longing for Hairston and his big bat next season as that production will not be easily replaced.

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7 comments on “Scott Hairston Appreciation Post

  • Metsense

    Scott Hairston is the most consistant outfielder the Mets have. The Mets need some cheap outfield help (only because they don’t have the money for some quality outfield help). There is nothing in the minor leagues that will be star quality in the next 2-3 years. Sign Hairston for two years for what you would have given Torres in arbitration and start him in a corner outfield in 2013. Cheap and consistant. At worst, you will have a lefty masher who could sit against tough righties and also a possible trade chip at the deadline(s) in July.

  • Peter Hyatt

    Appreciation Post:

    The announcers last night did not give anyone a pass on poor play. “Style”, was said when Reyes played with the ball instead of getting a double play. “Turncoat” was another, and the critical view of Duda.

    I am a huge Rangers fan as well. I was stuck with “NHL Center Ice” in Maine, listening to so many ignorant “homer” announcers in the US (Canadian announcers are more knowledgeable and fair minded). The same with the MLB package.
    Through magic, I have the Mets broadcasters all season, even though I am in Maine. I so much appreciate it.

  • Chris F

    Well said. Scotty has provided meaningful contributions to this team and we all should applaud him. If he does not return, which seems likely, I hope he lands a great contract elsewhere.


  • Name

    Good job Hairston on your career year. Bad job for making some Mets fans thinking that we can rely on you for the next 2 years. Good luck on the rest of your career and congratulations on your payday.

    • Metsense

      Ouch! This is not a “career” year for Hairston. He hit 17 HR, .791 OPS and 2.4 WAR in 2008, and 17 HR, 64 RBI, .763 OPS and 1.8 WAR in 2009, and in 2012 a 2.0 WAR. Normally, I would agree that Hairston should not be “relied” on but when you have so little in the outfield and no money to get anything then “some fans” want to know how to replace his production with no money. How much do you think a 4th OF will get on the open market? Probably as much as Torres will get in arbitration. Who would you rather have, Torres or Hairston?

  • Mack Ade

    Hairston did a remarkable job as a part time outfielder.

    There are 29 other teams in baseball and his agent will find someone to pay him $3+/yr for a 2-yr contract.

    Thank you, Mr. Hairston. I would hate to see the team’s stats this year without you.

  • kjs

    Seemed Hairston hit a bomb at each of the 15 games I attended in 2012. With him gone, we may be favorites for the 2014 first pick.

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