Mets Card of the Week: 2001 Timo Perez


Fun facts/fictions about Timo Perez for your late-September, fourth-place, 2X-games-out reading pleasure…

  • Timo is the only player named “Timo” ever to play in the majors.
  • “Timo” spelled backward is “omit.”
  • “Perez” spelled backward is “zerep.”
  • Before coming to the Mets, Timo spent four years with the Hiroshima Carp.
  • Timo was lead guitarist and backing vocalist for little-known R&B family group The Perez 5.
  • Timo was second in the NL in sacrifice flies in 2003, finishing with a total of 9.
  • Timo is 97th all time in Total Zone Runs as LF, with 13. I have no idea what this means.
  • Timo’s favorite movie is The Lion King 1 1/2.
  • Timo hit .389 in 90 at bats with the Detroit Tigers in 2007, his last season to date in the bigs.
  • Wait, Trot Nixon played for the Mets? What the hell, man.
  • Efforts back in 2002 to get the Doors to re-record their hit single “Hello, I Love You” as “Timo, I Love You” with, like, awesome new lyrics and a really cool vocalist were a total, abject failure. Mostly because apparently someone (*cough*Ray Manzarek*cough*) can’t be bothered to return his phone calls…
  • But we can still make this work, Ray. Think: “Tebow, I Love You.” [Holding pinkie to mouth and thumb to ear] Call me, ‘k?
  • Timo was traded by the Mets to the White Sox for Matt Ginter, who was traded for Steve Colyer, who was ultimately traded for Kevin Bacon, for reasons that have still yet to be explained.
  • Timo currently patrols the outfield for the Long Island Ducks.
  • Timo’s 2001 Donruss Elite Aspirations parallel card is serial numbered out of 94 because Donruss determined the print runs for the set by subtracting each player’s uniform number from 100. And I swear this is true…

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