Mets quotient on postseason teams

We know about the infamous Cubs Quotient that seemingly accurately predicts that the postseason participant with the most ex-Chicago Cubs on the roster will not go on to win the World Series, reflecting on the now 104-year championship drought that the franchise has had.

Well, can this be applied to New York Mets?  Probably not, actually, most definitely not, but tracing the history of former Mets on postseason rosters since 1962 is a topic for another day.  Today, it might be fun to see what the Mets Quotient is of the teams in the 2012 MLB Postseason:

First, well it is only fair we look at the departed Rangers and Braves.

The Texas Rangers, after going to back-to-back World Series were hoping for a third straight this year, even if having to go through the Wild Card to do it, did not have a single ex-Met on their roster, though they do have Mike Maddux on the coaching staff, and Tony Fernandez as a special assignment coach listed on their roster page on their website.

Likewise the Atlanta Braves only boasted an ex-Met on their coaching staff, pitching coach Roger McDowell.  Hmmmm, maybe there is a reverse Met quotient karmic thing going on.  Well we should hope so since the New York Yankees boast not a single former Met on their active roster, or their coaching roster!

Staying in the AL, the Athletics also sport not a single ex-Met player, but Bob Melvin’s bench coach Chip Hale was a Met coach from 2009-2011.

Over in Detroit we get our first instance of a Met whom donned the uniform for a postseason game in 1999 Met Octavio Dotel.

In Baltimore you’ll see the author of the amazing Game 6 2006 NLCS catch that is immortalized on Citi Field’s Left Field Gate entrance, Endy Chavez, as well as briefly 2009 Met Darren O’Day.  Also on their Wild Card Playoff game they had briefly 2012 Met Omar Quintanilla, but did not put him on the ALDS roster.

Heading over to the National League squads, the Cardinals seem to have some decent ex-Met karma going with long time Cardinal “secret weapon” and coach, and former Met Jose Oquendo and early 1980s Met Dyar Miller on Mike Matheny’s coaching staff, as well as ex-Met All Star, Carlos Beltran.

Staying in the Mid-West, the Reds do have two former Met infielders in Miguel Cairo and Wilson Valdez.

Heading over to the Nation’s Capital, there is only one Met connection, but it’s a biggie as Met Hall of Famer Davey Johnson provides the most historic ex-Met in the 2012 postseason as he is guiding the Nationals.

And finally out in San Francisco, it appears the Giants have the largest ex-Met contingency with pitcher Guillermo Mota, outfielders Angel Pagan and Xavier Nady, infielder Marco Scutaro and manager Bruce Bochy.

Well, what does that mean?  Are the Giants destined to go down in flames like supposed ex-Cub heavy squads?  Probably not, and certainly it doesn’t mean you should root for the Giants because of the overload of ex-Mets!  But it’s just a fun exercise in the minutiae of Met history and in some cases it does make you wonder about the one that got away.

5 comments for “Mets quotient on postseason teams

  1. Mack Ade
    October 8, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Good read… welcome Steve

    • Mack Ade
      October 8, 2012 at 2:05 pm

      Steve, are you the same Steve Rodgers from MOFO?

  2. October 8, 2012 at 11:19 am

    Bochy’s an interesting case. He spent two years at Tidewater and was awful both seasons. Yet somehow he got a late-August promotion in his second year and did quite good (.869 OPS in 53 PA). Obviously it wasn’t enough as next year he was on the Padres. Baseball-Reference does not list Bochy’s transaction history.

    Doing a little Google work, Bochy got the call due to an injury to John Stearns. Despite his strong cup of coffee, the Mets released him and then he was picked up by the Padres.

    Edit: I was on Bochy’s managerial page. His transaction history is on his player page. The Mets got him from the Astros for two minor leaguers in February of 1981 and he was released in January of 1983.

  3. October 8, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Welcome aboard, Steve!

    Looks like the Giants might be doomed after all. Keep yer eye on those exes…

  4. Harvey Poris
    October 15, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    One more on the Giants. Joaquin Arias, who the Mets received for Jeff Francoeur.

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