I Might Be Wrong, But… 10-21-12 – Winter Stats – Gerry Hunsicker, Sandy Alderson, Robert Carson, John Holdzkom, Justin Hampson, Brandon Nimmo, Adam Rubin

Winter Stats Through Thursday, 10-18:

AFL – Surprise Saguaros:

OF Cesar Puello – .276/.323/.276/,598, 29-AB, 8-K, 0-BB

CF Darrell Ceciliani – .273/.346/.409/..755. 22-B, 6-K

RP Ryan Fraser – 0-0, 3.00, 1.33, 3.0-IP, 2-K, 0-BB

P Chase Huchington – 0-0, 0.00, 1.67, 3.0-IP, 2-K, 3-BB

RP Adam Kolarek – 0-2, 2.45, 2.45, 3.2-IP, 3-K, 3-BB

P Greg Peavey – 0-0, 3.00, 1.33, 3.0-IP, 2-K, 1-BB

DFL – Aguilas Cibaenas:

C Francisco Pena – 0.00/0.00/0.00/0.00 – 0-AB

OF Juan Lagares – .000/.500/.000/.500 – 1-AB

DFL – Gigantes del Cibao:

P Jeurys Familia

RP Elvin Ramirez

RP Ramon Ramirez

SP Domingo Tapia –

3B Aderlin Rodriguez –

OF Rafael Fernandez – .000/.000/.000/.000 – 2-AB

OF Raul Reyes – .000/.000/.000/.000 – 3-AB

DFL – Leones del Escogido:

P Armondo Rodriguez – 0-0, 0.00, 0.00, 1.2-IP, 0-H, 0-BB, 2-K

IF Justin Turner

OF Pedro Zapata –

DFL – Tigres del Licey:

IF/OF Jordany Valdespin – .444/.545/.778/.1.323, 1-HR

OF Gilbert Gomez –

DFL – Toros del Este:

P Gonzalez Germen –

3B Jefry Marte –

MFL – Aguilas de Mexicali:

SS Ismael Tijerina –

MFL – Caneros de los Mochis:

SS Juan Carlos Gamboa –

MFL – Tomateros de Culiacan:

P Marcos Camarena –

MFL – Venados de Mazatlan:

P Carlos Vazquez – 0-0, 13.50, 0.75, 1.1-IP, 1-K, 0-BB

VFL – Bravos de Margarita:

IF Wilmer Flores – .292/.393/.458/.773, 1-HR, 3-RBI

VFL – Cardenales de Lara:

C Luis Hurtado –

SS Oswaldo Navarro – .154/.267/.192/.459, 26-AB

VFL – Caribes de Anzoategui:

P Jean Alvarez –

P Luis Carreno –

P Carlos Coronado –

IF Luis Nieve –

VFL – Leones del Caracas:

P Chris Schwinden

VFL – Tigres de Aragua:

C Juan Torres – .000/.000/.000, 1-AB

The Dodgers just keep doing the right thing. They hired ex-Astros GM (1995-2004) Gerry Hunsicker as a senior advisor of baseball operations. This is all about international scouting, something Hunsicker has been doing for Tampa Bay. Great move.

The anti-Alderson (AA) vultures are starting to circle. Daniel Marino of MLB Dirt (http://mlbdirt.com/2012/10/15/is-sandy-alderson-the-right-gm-to-lead-the-mets-back-to-relevance) wrote an article on 10-15 questioning whether Sandy Alderson is the right General Manager for the current team we all follow. He also pointed out that some of the current success in the organization is because Omar Minaya left the minor league system in better shape than many had thought. He naturally attacked the bullpen acquisitions last off season, but I found it interesting that he also went off on Chris Young. Marino leaves it as a debatable issue, but one has to wonder if this only going to be the beginning of a new direction for the blog-media.

Matt Masico over at Rising Apple http://risingapple.com/2012/10/16/year-in-review-robert-carson/ wrote a season recap on LHRP Robert Carson. His synopsis was interesting: “With him making his MLB debut this past May and not even spending half the season with the Mets, Carson is well under team control for the time being. There have been no trade rumors involving his name, but his arm and stuff are exciting enough to get him into the conversation to be involved in a package for some external talent. However, I feel that it’s doubtful we’ll see him in anything other than the Orange and Blue for the next few years.” Observation: I have always liked Carson as a potential lefty reliever and his approach to the plate has always been one to throw the ball like he’s trying to kill you rather than get you out. The Mets need this kind of guy in the pen and I was thrilled he got 17 appearances this season (4.73). His familiarity with Queens is now in the past and I expect him to earn a major role in the 2013 Mets pen.

Those of us that saw John Holdzkom sort of pitch in Savannah always wondered what the real story on him was. Nobody was ever willing to fill in the cracks why he was such a bust. Well, Chelsea Peretti finally found the dude, who was signed for a $210,000 bonus. She podcasted his ass and he said “They thought I was a good baseball player”, adding that he was a pitcher before his “elbow blew out” and he spent most of the signing bonus on a truck and “buying sushi every night.” Funny stuff: http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/10/16/internet-detective-mets-prospect-bust-john-tells-his-story-on-chelsea-perettis-podcast/

In a (what I consider) a surprised move, Justin Hampson was taken off the 40-man and placed on the free agent market. Speculation is this was done to add Zack Wheeler, but it simply is too early to do that. I don’t know guys. I’m having less confidence every day that Alderson and Company know what they are doing in this town. There is so many dead wood players on this 40 and they go and release someone that produced a .150 BA against lefties. I hope this makes some sense before this post goes to print…. Update: C Rob Johnson and OF Fred Lewis was also dropped from the 40-man and opted for free agency. The Mets seem to be clearing room for 4-5 players that are eligible for the Rule 5 draft.

BTBS (http://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2012/10/16/3509942/mets-brandon-nimmo-prospect-profile-sabermetric-analysis) posted a profile on Brandon Nimmo. Interesting quote: “Of the 14 players aged 19 or younger in his league (minimum 200 PAs), Nimmo finished third in OPS, second in line-drive percentage, and first in ISO.” His summary: “Nimmo is the kind of prospect that the Mets system has not seen in a while, presenting a lot of upside coupled with a lot of risk. It will be interesting to watch if he can overcome his deficiencies and become a starting center fielder in the majors, or even a platoon bat. One thing is sure for Mets fans, there is certainly reason to be excited about Brandon Nimmo.” Observation: Boy, I really didn’t want to read the name Brandon Nimmo and platoon bat in the same sentence. Where do you play this kid in 2013, the horrible batters field in Savannah or the organizational training home in St. Lucie? Is he ready for A+ ball? How come all the other teams in the league can draft players that make the majors at 20 and we’re already talking about platooning? Don’t the Mets have enough platoon bats and players that can’t find a position? Boy, I’m glad I’m getting to the end of this Mets road.

It’s interesting to see that the charity auction for the winner to be part of a special roundtable luncheon with 12 top Mets reports… doesn’t include Adam Rubin: http://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_items/325023

BA came out with their report card on the last Mets draft and highlighted SS-3B Matt Reynolds as the top hitter in the draft. Their thoughts: “Best Pure Hitter: SS Matt Reynolds (2) has a short stroke and advanced plate discipline. His swing and approach should allow him to be a line-drive machine and post solid on-base percentages… Cecchini is a steady shortstop with a solid, accurate arm and a better chance to stay at the position than Reynolds”. I talked to Matt during the season and he is actually thrilled to be back at his natural third base position that he played in college. His Savannah stat line in 2012: 158-AB, .259/.335/.367/.702, 3-HR,only 26-K but also only 12-BB…observation: there’s no rush here and it seems the Mets are obsessed with drafting shortstops lately. His future in St. Lucie depends upon whether or not Dustin Lawley catches or plays third. Very muddled here.

15 comments for “I Might Be Wrong, But… 10-21-12 – Winter Stats – Gerry Hunsicker, Sandy Alderson, Robert Carson, John Holdzkom, Justin Hampson, Brandon Nimmo, Adam Rubin

  1. Charles
    October 21, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Hopefully, by the time he’s rule 5 eligible, Nimmo will be manning center field in Queens. By then, you’d hope that either Kirk or Den Dekker would have solidified a starting role in center and therefore become a trade piece. This team, has so many question marks not only in Queens, but throughout their system. 2015 is going to be a very interesting year.

    As for next season, I just don’t see this team able to compete unless they get help in the outfield. Which isn’t going to happen from within.

  2. Name
    October 21, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Ah Rubin hate. I can see why he isn’t popular having followed his twitter feed. Even though he puts his negative spin in things, i still use him to get up to the minute Mets info.

  3. October 21, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Charles, I see us making a move for outfield this year.

    If David Wright wants to play for a contender, he can either say that outright, or he can turn down the money and say he will want to test free agency. We will trade him and we will look for a young, talented outfielder and will find one. If RA wants too many years, he will be traded.
    As someone else pointed out, 3rd base will not be a problem for us. We have several who can play 3rd, including Wilmer Flores who might hit more home runs than David Wright. He won’t be Wright’s glove, nor presence as a face of the Mets, but as you point out, it is outfield that is the issue.

    Let’s say that both men sign up to finish their careers in New York.

    We still have pieces that can bring in an outfielder with talent, including the fact that Flores could be trade bait for an outfielder, since Wright will own 3rd base for the next 7 years.

    Next, we have Duda as possible trade bait for an outfielder. A team who wants power at first will go for him.

    We have a really nice pitching staff for next year…we will find an outfielder.

  4. Charles
    October 21, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    I could see Duda AND Flores packaged for a good young outfielder. Thing is, whoever is brought over MUST makes around the million dollar mark. That means the possibilities dwindle. Remember, both Flores and Duda are not sure things so whatever is brought over might not be the sure thing we’re looking for.

    The low payroll really handcuffs Alderson’s options. You almost have to trade for someone else’s strength in terms of a surplus of cheap, young outfielders for the Mets strength in terms of whoever they deem expendable. That all hinders on what happens with Wright and Dickey.

    If they trade those two, you must figure they’d save 30-32 million in salary come 2014. Add that to the 45 million off the books from Santana and Bay. That’s over 85 million. Now, the rotation has a good young core…

    Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, and Gee are definates.
    McHugh, Mazzoni, Gorski, and Montero are fifth starter options

    Davis, Tejada, Murphy, and Flores are in the infield.

    Kirk or Deb Dekker are in center.

    Familia, Mejia, and Parnell anchor the bullpen.

    Remember, the trades of our two best players probably netted the Mets another team’s top prospect in terms of a catcher and at least two outfielders. All of this costs about 30-35 million with 65 million left to spend to fill any voids with better options then I just stated.

    Okay, why isn’t trading Wright and Dickey a top priority?

    • Name
      October 21, 2012 at 7:36 pm

      Because it is too early to waive the white flag.
      The Mets still have a shot to compete next season.

      • Chris F
        October 21, 2012 at 8:43 pm

        Name, I love all your perspectives and positive outlook, but cant seem to wrap my mind around this one comes from. Much as I cant imagine it, I sure hope you are right!

        • Name
          October 21, 2012 at 9:29 pm

          It comes from the fact that the game is played on the field rather than on paper.

          Plus, you don’t need to be a playoff contender to compete. If you miss the playoffs, but stayed within 1-6 games of the 2nd wild card spot throughout the season, you would had played 150+ meaningful baseball games and that is “competing” in my book.

  5. Charles
    October 21, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Too early? What have you watched the past three seasons? If this team had Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes, guess what, that’s 2011!! They stunk then and will do so until they dramatically reshape the team.

    • Name
      October 21, 2012 at 9:49 pm

      These Mets who “stunk” going into this season were still able to post a .530 win% in the 1st half with 4/5 of rotation and no bullpen. I would like for them to be given them another chance in 2013.

      But i understand why you want to trade them now because of the new compensation rules the trading deadline is mostly used for salary dumps rather than talent acquisitions and some fans have the mentality of “if the team can’t win a championship, then they shouldn’t be given a chance”(aka sell for the future)

      • TJ
        October 21, 2012 at 10:26 pm

        I agree with you. This offseason has barely begun. 2013 is a long ways off and despite the recent disappointments, I sure hope there is no one in the Met organization that is waving the white flag on next season. There is a sentiment to just deal DW for a ton of talent. This has a low probability of helping the Mets. I’m not sure what one year of DW will bring back, but I doubt it is the boatload that fans expect. History has shown that most of these type of deals do not net the trading team equal value. DW is a proven all-star caliber player in his prime, one who can handle the demands of NYC. If he is willing to take a Zimmerman-type deal, he needs to be signed. He should only be marketed if his demands are unreasonable. Ditto with Dickey, although his case is different and there may be aa lesser chance of both he and the Mets agreeing on value and length of extension. Even if they can’t agree on an extension, he should not be given away as he should provide great value in 2013 for his $5 mil. Let’s see if Sandy can find a few bats and closer before we give up on next year.

        • Chris F
          October 21, 2012 at 11:22 pm

          I agree almost to a point with you TJ. However, I cant see any incarnation of the present personnel capable of bringing in 88+ Ws. The problems are many, the moveable pieces and money too few to make any major improvements. I see no outfield (defense or offense), no catcher, and a weak pen. The rotation is no lock either. How Sandy makes a competitive team with a need to staff half of the position players and fully half of his budget budget on two players that will not be much does little to excite me. Im certainly excited about ’14 onward, after we dump 50M$, but I cant see any more than 73-78 Ws next year.

          • TJ
            October 22, 2012 at 11:36 am

            Yes, very good points. I hear Sandy makes about $3 mil per year, which is about $3 mil per year more than me. Being that he has done almost nothing his first two seasons (except for the Wheeler acquisition), I figure that he has about $9 mil worth or GMing to do this winter to prove his worth. I am eager to see what he does…does he punt on 2013 or does he try to start the move toward more wins next year.

  6. Charles
    October 22, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Win % in first half means NOTHING!! They finished fourth and looked horrible in doing so, despite having three great starters pitching for them. Of you don’t win when your starters are doing well, then you must make changes to the lineup. The first half, guys were getting the big hit. Players like Kirk, Wright, and Jordany were keeping them afloat. But the league caught up to the free swinging kids and with no protection, Wright was bad. This team needs to get you get, cheaper, and clean house. Trading Wright is the best way to move forward. Let the guy get a chance at a ring while he still can play.

    • 7rain
      October 22, 2012 at 11:24 am

      Being competitive is not the goal, winning World championships is.

      If we have a chance to add elite talent that will be here for 6, 8 or 10 years in exchange for guys who will be 32-42 years old in 2015 then that is what we must do because the same weaknesses we have in our system right now will be present in 2015 as well and our results will be no different than they have been over the last 20+ years.

      • Name
        October 22, 2012 at 7:30 pm

        I have to disagree here. Competitiveness should be the goal. Winning the playoffs is too dependent on luck(yes, luck is a major factor in life and you can’t deny it)

        For me, the 6 months of regular season baseball is always more satisfying than the playoffs, even if my favorite team is in it.

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