With our site projections winding down, I wanted to revive a favorite piece of mine from last year and that is having fun with predictions (team leaders in most statistical categories) for the upcoming season.

(For a refresher and primer, here is last year’s column. Some were on the mark and some were way off target.)

That all being said, let’s have some fun with predictions once again and see what the crystal ball has to say for this year.

Batting Average Champ: Daniel Murphy– .309

Once again I am bullish on Murphy, as I think he has all the skills to be a great hitter. This may be the year he breaks out. With not having to worry about what position he will play, Murphy will be locked in at the plate and have his best season yet.

Home Run Champ: Ike Davis– 35

35 home runs are what I projected when we did our staff projections for Davis and I think I may have undersold him with that amount. Davis is finally healthy and is focused in on a rebound season. Don’t be surprised if he is good for 40 or more home runs this season.

Runs Champ: David Wright– 94

Wright led the team in runs last year with 91 and that doesn’t seem likely to change. Wright does it all for the Mets and between him getting on base and possessing above-average speed, he should get his fair share of runs scored.

RBI Champ: David Wright and Ike Davis- 99

Wright and Davis should duke it out all season for  being tops on the team in runs batted in. Wright is the seasoned vet who should continue to be the rock for the team, while Davis is set to break out now that he is healthy.

Stolen Bases Champ: David Wright- 14

There is not a lot of speed on this team and Wright (who led the team last year with 15) should once again go unmatched on the base paths. Unless an outfielder-say a Corey Patterson or a Jordany Valdespin  gets a chance at regular playing time-then Wright will have this title all to himself once again.

Wins Champ: Jonathon Niese– 16

After three full seasons in the majors, Niese will get his chance to breakout in 2013. Niese will assume the role from R.A. Dickey as the Mets’ most trusted and dependable arm in the rotation. All signs point toward Niese piecing together his best season yet.

Strikeout Champ: Matt Harvey– 177

The Mets have not had a hard-throwing pitcher for years and Harvey will satisfy that need with his hard-throwing ways. While he may not get the innings of a Niese, Harvey will still dazzle in his appearances. You can’t argue with his 10.6 strikeouts per nine innings ratio.

ERA Champ: Matt Harvey- 3.44

Harvey will not settle for “mediocrity” and he has all the tools to succeed and lead the Mets out of the darkness and into the light. It all starts this year.

Saves Champ: Bobby Parnell– 31

We have been sold a bag of goods on Parnell for years, but I think this year Parnell grabs the closer role by the horns and never looks back. He could be due for more chances, but I see Terry Collins giving Frank Francisco and Brandon Lyon some token save opportunities.

Innings Champ: Jonathon Niese- 195

Again, with the departure of Dickey, Niese will be the rock of the Mets’ rotation. Johan Santana, Shaun Marcum and Dillon Gee all have injury concerns to deal with and Harvey could see his innings scaled back in an effort to protect himself from overusing his arm in his second season in the big league.  That leaves Niese as the most logical choice.

So, who do you got leading the team in these categories? Feel free to chime in on the discussion and give us your favorites.

7 comments on “Fun with Mets’ predictions: 2013 edition

  • Peter Hyatt

    I just received one heck of a birthday gift…my boss had frequent flier bonus miles:

    4 round trip tickets to Florida, with 4 tickets to the Nationals Mets game on Monday night!

    I wonder who we’ll get to see on the mound! I’ll write up a review on Tuesday.

    • Dan Stack

      That’s awesome to hear Peter. I have been dying to get down to Port St. Lucie one of these days.

  • Bryan Mcwilliam

    Collins said he will give Nieuwenhuis a big change at the lead off spot.

    If Nieuwenhuis gets the spot and lasts in the bigs, I think he is your stolen bases champ.

    I know he hasn’t run much in his career, but I think he can best Wright and give the Mets 17-20 SB.

  • Name

    I agree with pretty much everything except for ERA. I think Niese will break out big this year and post an ERA right near 3 and be in the discussion for top 5 NL Cy Young.
    Just for fun i’ll list my dark horse candidate for each one.

    HR-No real competition
    Runs-Mike Baxter
    RBI-You listed 2 already
    Saves-Probably never gonna happen with Terry, but i’ll go out on a limb and say Edgin

  • Joe Vasile

    I am very happy to see someone else being optimistic on Parnell. Ever since Izzy taught him the knuckle curve, he’s been a completely different pitcher, finally finding a secondary offering to go with that blistering fastball. I’m really going to enjoy seeing him close games, even if I’m only in a small minority of Mets fans in that regard.

  • Metsense

    Once again like last year, David Wright will be my standard bearer by producing his career numbers to lead the team in BA .300, 105 RBI’s , 101 runs, and 21 SB’s. Ike is the HR king at 34. Niese at 13 wins and 192 innings and .340 ERA.Harvey strikes out 180. Parnell saves 21 games. If Wright isn’t up to the task then this will be a very ugly season.

  • Eric

    AVG: Murphy .322
    HR: Davis 42
    RBI: Davis 108
    Runs: Wright 96
    SB: Cowgill 18

    Wins: Niese 18
    ERA: Niese 3.28
    K’s: Harvey 183
    Saves: Parnell 37

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