Being a Mets fan and journalism student, many of my friends come to me with their trade ideas and ask me if they will work. Some of them are just flat out ridiculous and others actually make sense. Last week, I talked about what the Mets needed to do at the winter meetings in order to succeed in the future. Now, it’s time to talk about potential names and faces that could/should be Mets in 2014.

First Base: The struggles of Ike Davis have been documented at length, so no need to go there. But, it seems that Mets don’t view Josh Satin as a long-term solution at the position and they are probably right. He’s bound to cool off and pitchers will figure out how to beat him. He also is only playing against lefties, which is his strength. The Mets don’t view Wilmer Flores as an option for first, although he has been playing there in Las Vegas as of late. It appears that the only way to upgrade the first base position would be for the Mets to either sign a FA or make a trade for young, under-control first basemen of the future.  Here are a couple of names to look out for.

Mark Trumbo: Trying to get the long-shot out of the way first. Trumbo is the type of power bat Sandy Alderson could be looking for. A .249/.312/.469 line this season is nothing to write home about, but he has hit 22 long-balls with 61 RBIs. He plays first very sound defensively and is only 27. The Angels want back a high-end pitching prospect in return, of which the Mets have a surplus. The Mets might not even talk to the Angels, but it’s worth a look at Trumbo.

Michael Morse:  Morse is a guy who has struggled this year, but has had success for another NL East team in the past. If he can channel his 2011 self, where he posted a .303/.360/.550 line with 31 HRs and 95 RBIs, he’s the guy the Mets are looking for. He also might be cheaper to get than a Trumbo from a prospect standpoint.

Eric Hosmer: With KC having a rough year, they could be looking for a piece or two to rebuild and might entertain an offer for Hosmer. Still at 23, Hosmer has room to grow at first base. He has bounced back from a bad 2012 to put up .284/.332/.427 line with 11 HRs and 45 RBIs so far in 2013.  Hosmer has played better defense in 2013 as well, and probably could be had on the cheap.

Shortstop: It’s clear that Omar Quintanilla isn’t the future at SS, and the opinions on Ruben Tejada have changed quickly. It makes sense for the Mets to look outside the box for the future at shortstop and here are two names they should look at.

Alexei Ramirez: With the White Sox in full sell mode, they would listen to offers for Ramirez. The 31-year-old shortstop has had his struggles over the past two seasons, but has shown promise in the past. He has had four double-digit home run seasons and gets on base with regularity. He isn’t a guy who will cost too much. He gives the Mets a very defensively sound player who also can hit the ball. They aren’t asking much out of their shortstop position, so Ramirez would only exceed expectations.

Zack Cozart: A bit of a long-shot here, but still possible. The Reds have Billy Hamilton, who is a natural shortstop, playing the outfield.  It would make sense for them to sell high on Cozart and move Hamilton to where he is more comfortable. Cozart is younger than Ramirez and doesn’t bring the offensive flare that Ramirez has. But, Cozart is only 27 (four years younger than Ramirez) and can still grow at short. He isn’t the most attractive option, but one that makes sense for the Mets.

This team needs to decide on the future of both the shortstop and first base positions. They need to do it quickly, as the market is very thin and the price for these guys will only go up. This off-season, the decision needs to be made and changes need to be made to these two positions. The future of the Mets is at stake.

21 comments on “Outside options at First Base and Shortstop in 2014

  • Joe Vasile

    All of these are pretty interesting options, with the exception of Cozart. I would rather have Tejada at short than Cozart.

    • TexasGusCC

      Hamilton was switched to the outfield because he made too many errors at SS.

  • Chris Schubert

    I think Cozart has some upside. He is a cheaper option, as well.

  • eraff

    PASS on Trumbo…. hit.miss

    • Chris Schubert

      He hits for power and could thrive away from LA. It seems he is trapped in that lineup.

      • Eraff

        Trumbo is TRAPPED?…. how so? He has start hitters around him. He’s very much a RH Ike…..power, low obp…I don’t get the Love.

        Give any hacker 500-600 abs in the middle of a strong lineup and you get 90 ribbies…Trumbo is NOT a big player— He’s JEFF FRANCOEUR

  • Jerry Grote

    FWIW … the Royals are shopping for a 2B. I don’t know what it would take to pick up a controlled Hosmer outside of someone like Murphy, but that is a deal screaming to get done.

    • Chris Schubert

      I don’t see that kind of deal to get done today. That’s something Alderson should explore in December.

      • Jerry Grote

        Oh … I’d agree 100%. Apparently nobody’s getting moved today.

  • JimO

    Morse is SO AVAILABLE! They are practically giving him away. We could deal Buck to the Cards too now that Molina is out (not that affects 1B or SS at all); just saying…we can’t deal Murphy because Friday is Irish Night at Citi Field and the Murphy shirts are already printed.

    • Chris Schubert

      Just because these guys are “available” doesn’t mean the Mets can strike a deal for them. It has to make sense for us. Alderson knows what he is doing and is only going to make smart decisions for this franchise.

  • steevy

    Lucas Duda is an option at 1st.I haven’t given up on him yet.

    • Metsense

      Duda is a career .771 OPS who could hit 20 HR and knock in 73 RBI’s ovr the course of a season. Platooned with Satin, the two should produce more than the 2012 avg NL firstbaseman of 22 HR , 89 RBI, and .777 OPS. A Duda/Satin platoon is not a hole but if an upgrade is available of course it should be done. Trumbo is an upgrade and arb controlled and RHB. Morse also would make a nice RH platoon with Duda but more costly dollar wise as a FA and older and past peak. Trumbo and Morse have OF experience and either would make the Mets a better team but I would target Trumbo over Morse. I would non tender Davis. Duda could be kept as a LHB and depth.
      Both SS have to be traded for and neither is a significant upgrade to bother with in a direct one on one trade.

  • JimO

    Of course it has to make sense…its a seller’s market….anyway MLB Rumors reports ”

    Teams Showing Interest In Marlon Byrd”…….but nothing specific. We could strike a deal with Pittsburg … don’t they have a stud OF prospect? I believe he’s been mentioned on our site.

    • Chris Schubert

      The interest is very little. Doesn’t seem like a deal is going to get done, but hey you never know.

  • Name

    What’s up with this obsession of having a “future” at every position(I’m assuming that the definition most people are using is that the person can man the position for a long time, probably at least 5 years)? What’s so wrong with having someone in there for 1-3 years, and then just replacing them when you feel they are getting too expensive or not producing enough? Plus, there’s so many unexpected things that can happen in 1-3 years (Ike Davis was considered a no-doubter of the Met “future” 2 years ago) that it’s really not worth discussing it that far out in my opinion.

    So don’t just focus on players who could “potentially” play many many years for you because you will be missing a lot of productive players if you do.

    • Chris Schubert

      I just feel that the team needs to explore all options at all positions. I’d rather a younger player than an older one. Yes, having a player for 1-3 years at a time and then moving isn’t a bad idea, but some stability isn’t bad as well.

    • Chris F

      I think it stem from the success across town. Build a team of excellent players in for the long haul and reap the rewards. It makes for stability and certainly if the chemistry is right, a great place to achieve. Of course, things in the Bronx are now melting down with no great future in sight for some time being saddled with “the ancients” and their unwieldy contracts. O think a good healthy team has a mix of FAs on short to medium length contracts, young guns under control, and several on long-term contracts.

  • Dan Stack

    Label me in the camp of not giving up on Ike just yet.

  • Marcus

    What about Alan Dykstra. He’s on base close to half of his at bats. A Greek god of walks in Bing. He’s shown some pop too.

    • Metsense

      Dykstra, a former #1 draft pick, has a 1.014 OPS at Binghampton and is buried in the system because the Mets are awaiting the second coming of Ike. Duda rehabs in the OF, Satin sits on the bench and Dykstra rots in Bingo all for a player that should be non tendered in the winter. TC says “we don’t drive in runs …no secret” yet TC fills out the lineup card. Patience has become foolishness.

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