Introducing the Mets360 Forums

360I am proud to introduce a new section here at the site – the Mets360 Forums!

We have been discussing adding a forum section for a little while now. To me, this site will always be about providing opinion and analysis that you do not get from the mainstream media outlets. But I hope that the forum section can be a nice addition to the site, giving everyone more of a chance to weigh in on different matters.

Everyone has probably witnessed a forum section that has gone off the rails. Our hope is that doesn’t happen here and there are some safeguards built in to help in this regard.

Everyone is welcome to read the forums. But only those logged into the site will be able to reply. We have a Facebook login, hoping that requiring people to use their real name when commenting will help lead to civilized discussions.

Also, in the beginning, only the people who write for the site will be able to start new topics. The hope is that once the forum section is established and a solid community there has developed, everyone will be able to start a thread.

So, please go visit the forum and start weighing in! There’s a button labeled “Mets360 Forums” just under the masthead that will be visible on every page at the site. Also, you can follow the link below:

Mets360 Forums

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