Daisuke MatsuzakaSo, Daisuke Matsuzaka.

You know, on the surface, one can go on, and on about how this is the latest in a very, very, very, very long line of the Mets getting someone, specifically pitchers, whom had somewhat of a name and at pretty much the end of the line.  Names like Warren Spahn, Mickey Lolich, Dean Chance, Mike Marshall, Randy Jones, and Hideo Nomo come readily to mind.  Along with successful-ish versions of the same theme, where the pitcher did give the Mets something, but in the end either went on another team, or faded into the sunset like Bret Saberhagen, Frank Viola, Tom Glavine and Johan Santana

But, on the flip side, this is somewhat different.  Yes it has been years since Matsuzaka has been relevant and has been rocking a near 4 ERA with AAA Columbus before being released this year by the parent Cleveland Indians.  However, with the starting depth hurting in a bad way with Jeremy Hefner facing possible Tommy John surgery and Jenrry Mejia on the shelf with bone spurs in his elbow (and to say nothing about an innings wall shut down or slow down for Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey, the latter depending on the potential Cy Young race), taking a cheap flyer on someone that has been slightly better than “Proven Crap” at one point in his career (well, in this specific case, clearly one should take many of the names listed in the first paragraph over Dice-K) is probably as good of a transaction you could make.  Especially in a season that looks to be all but done.  Though there is a small cynical thought about this being a way to court the Asian population to come to Citi Field in droves to watch the one time Seibu Lion ace.  Highly doubtful as off handed generally thinking Met attendance has historically not been driven by a singular “must see” player.  Though to be fair, let’s see how Matsuzaka does, maybe if he does put a few good starts together, there will be a bump in attendance for his home games.

Be that as it may though, Matsuzaka’s stats in Columbus do seem to be decent enough to warrant a second crack at the majors, and being in the National League could be a needed change of scenery.  And while it is a pipe dream to suggest he’d find the magic he had for the Red Sox in 2007-2008, it isn’t that unreasonable to expect a little spark out of him.  And if not, well where was the harm?  He isn’t blocking anyone that won’t get called up in a week, and his being on the 40 means the removal of a “Proven Crap” type of player as opposed to a minor league prospect.  So bringing him in really doesn’t harm the Mets in the long run, and if he does have something left, than it turns out to be one of the better scrap heap moves the Mets had made in their history.


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10 comments on “Welcome to Citi Field, Daisuke Matsuzaka

  • Brian Joura

    Part of me is glad to see Daisuke finally on the Mets. But part of me wishes they would have given a shot to a guy in the system. Sure, Montero and JDG are up against their inning limits. But you know who isn’t? That’s right, the guy in Double-A with a 1.97 ERA — Mr. Gorski.

  • peter

    Waste of time and money.Keep bringing up the kids and let them get a taste of the major leagues. Why waste a roster spot on someone who as you say is irrelevant? Rosters expand in what 9 days? Harvey will not get to his 210 inning shutdown until the last 2 weeks of the season(currently at 172). Wheeler has a combined 138 innings so if his limit is 170 then he probably has 4-5 more starts which also ends his season in mid September along side Harvey. I think the team can manage for 2 weeks.

  • blastingzone

    I think its a good move(if it was blocking Montero I wouldn’t) lets see what he’s got left?
    He had TJS in 2011 and it usually takes a year or more so maybe he’s got a couple of good
    years left in him? He’s got to be better than Marcum!!

  • Chris F


  • Jim OMalley

    I believe the ideas is to let him have a few starts and not move staff out of roles they were experiencing success in, namely Torres.

  • Metsense

    The Mets should call up Gorski after the AA playoffs and go to a 6 man rotation so that all their pitchers make it through a full season. I am not sure if there is proof that innings limits are necessary, but with all these young arms why take a chance. I welcome the signing.

  • Jerry Grote

    Hate it, hate it, hate it. He has a track record of not getting very deep into games.

    It’s nearly September. Not exactly the time to be using even more innings out of your bullpen. Whatever, I wasn’t going to be watching tonight anyways.

  • Name

    Over/under on today’s game being 4 hr’s?

    This guy is boring to watch and not very good. The Japanese fans better be excited and buy a lot of tickets or this will be a total waste of time for fans every 5 days.

  • Sean Flattery

    I thought they signed Giancarlo Alvarado for Sept starts, he’s pitched well in AAA. I think its safe to say he’s here to burn innings for final stretch, than see-ya!!

    • Name

      Actually, the signing makes a little more sense to me now after looking at the Met minor league clubs. Las Vegas is in the pole position for a playoff spot (1.5 up with 13 to play). Binghamton has already clinched and Savannah already has a playoff spot. That’s 3/4 full season minor league clubs that is going to play September ball so there won’t be that many reinforcements until later September.

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