ProfarThe main priority for the Mets this offseason is to land a few bats that can help generate more runs for a lackluster offense.  David Wright needs protection in the lineup, and acquiring an outfielder or two to fill the needs might suffice.  Shortstop has also emerged as an unknown position for next year, at least from a fan’s perspective.  Ruben Tejada’s stronghold of the position is no longer assured and outside help may be imminent.

Anyone who scrolls through the list of impending free agent shortstops can conclude that Jhonny Peralta and Stephen Drew will draw the most interest, thus costing a prospective suitor a higher cost of contract.  After those two options, there are only players deemed utility players.  “So what about the trade market?”  says the eager Mets fan. These days, it’s all about how much you are willing to give up as opposed to who’s available, especially when it comes to a team parting with one of its “blue chips.”

The GM/Owners meetings will be held next week in Orlando and I’m sure for most front office executives this becomes an optimal opportunity to start trade discussions.  In the case of the Texas Rangers, a trade could be on the horizon due to a logjam in the middle infield.   Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler have manned the middle of the Texas diamond formidably over the past five years.  They have been key contributors to the team’s back-to-back American League Championships of 2010 and 2011, as well as their playoff runs the past two seasons.  In May of last year, general manager Jon Daniels summoned the call-up of 20 year old shortstop and Baseball America and’s number one ranked prospect, Jurickson Profar.  The Curacao native, not having a positioned secure or permanently available to him, was forced to split time playing shortstop, second base, third base, and even outfield.  Profar, young but polished early in his development, would seem to be a leading candidate to land a starting job in 2014; but where will he play?

Currently the team has starting shortstop Andrus locked up until 2022. He has an eight year/$118 million extension that will kick start in 2015.  Second baseman Kinsler still has four years and $57 million left on his deal.  If Profar is to be given a position that will maximize his projected value on the team defensively, one of the incumbents will have to either change positions or change teams; the salaries attached to these two fine players may see the latter as an impossible option, at least in regards to the Mets.  So will the Rangers part with the prized jewel of their farm system?

If the Mets are going to land a prospect like Profar they would have to convince Texas that they can give them equal value back in an area of need for them.  Although Texas has re-signed Geovany Soto, catcher perhaps can be a need, now that A.J. Pierzynski has become a free agent.  Brian McCann has been rumored to be on the Rangers radar, but a top tier catcher like him will be in high demand. Outfield, like the Mets, is a need; especially since Nelson Cruz and David Murphy have hit the open market. If the Rangers are not sold on Mitch Moreland as a long term solution, they may be on the lookout for a first baseman too.  The starting rotation was a strong spot for the team in 2013, but they will be losing Matt Garza via free agency and could use a replacement.  So… what could the Mets offer?

The Mets organizational depth is starting pitching and fans and media feel that their number two ranked pitching prospect, Rafael Montero, would most likely be the top trade bait once it is presumed Zack Wheeler and top prospect Noah Syndergaard are “untradeable.”   Ike Davis or Lucas Duda packaged with Montero and Tejada would seem like fair value to Mets fans considering that Texas is offering only potential, albeit very promising.  Other names like Kevin Plawecki, Jenrry Mejia, and Brandon Nimmo could be trade chips added or entertained if the Mets become serious about acquiring Profar.  There’s also one more thing to consider.

Per’s top prospect list, Texas has a shortstop and second baseman among their top three.  Luis Sardinas and Rougned Odor are currently manning the middle infield in Double A Frisco and maturing rapidly.  Both Sardinas and Odor are listed amongst the Top 100 prospects in MLB.  With these two budding youngsters coming up fast and two high priced veterans locked down under contract, shortstop and second base is at an overflow for this Rangers team.  Profar by default becomes available at the right price.  The Mets will have to decide how much they are willing to give up in order for a trade to be hashed out.  To give up Wheeler or Syndergaard, the Mets would have to feel that Profar could be a star someday.   If Texas feels that their need to fill other positions is of higher priority than keeping their surplus of middle infielders, than the Mets will need to stay connected with Daniels and the front office and get a deal done.  Perhaps Travis d’Arnaud, Daniel Murphy, or Juan Lagares will have to be entered into the pool of players the Mets are willing to trade.  A deal is there to be had if the two teams can find common ground; opening the door to a new era at shortstop for Mets fans.


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27 comments on “What will it take to land Jurickson Profar?

  • Les Gomez

    I’d do Neise, d’Arnaud and Montero, so if we could get him for Montero, Ike and Tejada, I’ll drive them to the airport! Profar would be a titanic acquisition for us. He will be Reyes with power.

    • Julian McCarthy

      I would doubt that the Rangers would take Tejada considering they have way too much depth in the middle-infield already. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers wanted Davis or Duda because they could use a first baseman and DH.

    • Sean Flattery

      Niese is an interesting notion. If he was included, the Mets would have to sign a starter.

  • pete

    But Sean you just stated that Profar is the number 1 prospect in all of baseball and then you diminish his abilities by saying he’s only a prospect. Can’t have it both ways. If Profar was a Met would you make the deal you offered? Never. the last I read the Rangers were looking to move Kinsler

    • David Groveman

      Rangers would move:

      Andrus (and eat part of the salary) – But would cost legit prospects
      Kinsler (not eating salary) – might cost less prospects
      Profar (For a trade that they couldn’t refuse. Think d’Arnaud + Syndergaard + Montero)

      • Les Gomez

        I think the Rangers would at least consider d’Arnaud, Ike, Gee and Montero for Profar.

        • David Groveman

          Perhaps. They do have a catching prospect and both Gee and Montero aren’t pitchers who profiles as highly as some of us seem to think.

        • Sean Flattery

          That would be plenty..Will Myers and Jake Odorizzi were traded for Wade Davis and James Shields. That’s two top prospects for #2 starter and a #5 Starter.

      • Sean Flattery

        I don’t think it will take that much to get Profar. Unless the Rangers sign McCann and/or Tanaka..then the Mets leverage takes a hit. I think Profar’s star has dwindled the last year in Texas’ eyes..Andrus and Kinsler are gonna be extremely difficult to trade because of their contracts. Profar’s price, in my opinion, will be lower only because Texas doesn’t have a place for him right now

      • John Zakour

        I think it would take d’Arnaud plus either Syndergaard or Montero plus a lower level high ceiling prospect to bring Profar.

    • Sean Flattery

      I don’t recall seeing anything there lessening his potential or abilities, are seeing the words “only a prospect”.

      • Les Gomez

        Profar is a 20 year old Reyes with power. Getting him changes everything. Honestly, I’d do whatever it takes other than Harvey, Wheeler or Syndergaard.

  • pete

    David would you take Kinsler if the Mets traded minor league players for him but absorbed his entire contract?

    • David Groveman

      I would take his cash if the prospect wasn’t one I saw big things for. (I don’t wanna get hazed for my beliefs that a much loved prospect isn’t going to be great.) My concerns are his health and his ability to play short stop.

  • pete

    If the trade benefits both teams then its a chance you take. All trades have their potential to back fire. But if SA doesn’t improve this team next season I wonder if he’ll remain here with the current frugal ownership tugging at his sleeve every 5 minutes to do something.

    • David Groveman

      Yes, but does Kinsler actually help? I’m not sold. It isn’t the direction I’d go and I don’t think he’s worth that money.

    • Chris F

      Id be pretty surprised if SA stays after his contract expires. The Mets have been a major downgrade and I cant envision he would reup for more, especially with thinks changing at MLB HQ.

      Profar would cost a significant amount of treasure for us, but his poorish launch this year may provide a crack for a deal to be made.

  • Metsense

    I just don”t see Teaxas as a good trade partner for shortstop.
    Andrus is very expensive, $15 M annually for EIGHT years. That is too much and way too long for Sandy’s tastes and I can’t blame him.
    Kinsler is also expensive but shorter term but I just don’t see a need. (I have seen Odor and Sardinas play on numerous occasions in 2012. Odor wasn’t that impressive but he he have a good 2013 and he is young. In 2012 Sardinas had a nice year and has some speed but stumbled a little at AA. He is very young and someone to be looked into.)
    Profar would be great but I believe he will come with a very steep price.The conversation may start with Wheeler and Montero. With other SS options available that may be too high a price.

  • Name

    If Texas decides to trade Profar, i’d bet that the Cardinals would be the winners in the sweepstakes and outbid the Mets. There were rumors that Profar for Tavares would be a fit before the season. I don’t know if both teams would still do that, but St. Louis still has a bunch of starters to deal who are actually on the MLB level and still really need a SS and so they would probably outbid the Mets if they don’t include Wheeler/Syndergaard.

  • Scott Ferguson

    Profar would be a nice add. I would definitely move Darnaud and Montero as part of that deal. The issue is that Texas really needs OF’s and the Mets don’t have that unless Puello gets involved. Now we’d be getting to a trade that was a little much, considering that Profar is a great young prospect, but has proven nothing at the major league level. Montero,Darnaud or Puello and a lower level prospect is about as far as I’d go. Obviously if Texas would take Ike or Duda, I’d assist in the drive to the airport, but that’s not much of an upgrade over Moreland.

    • Sean Flattery

      Yeah, I think you nailed it.

    • Les Gomez

      I would do Montero, d’Arnaud and Puello in a heartbeat for Profar.

  • TexasGusCC

    I would leave the Cardinals or anyone else to trade with Texas. Regarding Andrus, forget it. He has opt outs after the 2018 season and after the 2019 season, so he may just be here for five years, not nine. Profar is being valued as if he has done something in the majors, but he hasn’t. In the short term, I would rather have Peralta, Montero, Davis and d’Arnaud than Profar. Maybe he will be a stud, but if he was like Segura who has played a year, ok. But, what has Profar done in the majors that he deserves so much acclaim?

  • pete

    Other than being considered to be the number 1 prospect in all of baseball, he’s done nothing.

  • Erekose

    Hey everyone, Rangers fan here. I read your comments and wanted to add a “Texas” perspective. Some things for you to consider. Jon Daniels helped to push Nolan Ryan out the door. It is all on him now. He will be afraid to make a Davis like deal. You know the first baseman in Baltimore. He traded him and got basically nothing in return. I think he will be hesitant to trade a young highly regarded prospect unless the pot is right. As far as Profar goes I can tell you a little about him. He did not light it up at the plate in his first full year. But he didn’t get the number of plate appearances he needed. He is fast on the bases; he has great range in the field, a strong arm and is a switch hitter with power (for shortstop). He is very young but still has plate discipline. You will not get the trade for a #4 pitching prospect. Harvey out I understand. But to say that you have two more untradeable pitchers…well not if you want Profar. He has all the tools and is the # 1 prospect for a reason. Personally, I hope the Rangers trade Kinsler rather than Profar. 10 year age difference is the main reason. I think Profar is a good fit for the Mets though. Your team is building a strong starting rotation. What is better than backing them up with an elite glove who also bats from both sides of the plate? He would be a central piece for a decade or more. Peralta? He is a bat only. He has no range and is not a shortstop in my book. You will be glad if the Mets pull off a trade, but I hope he stays right here in Texas.

    • Rob Rogan

      Erekose, thanks for visiting the site! This is important for Mets fans (or any team’s fans) to understand. There are two sides (at least) to trade proposals. If you want something of value you have to give something of value. The Rangers are not going to accept our scraps for the number one prospect in baseball (not that this is what the article is suggesting).

      • NormE

        I agree, which is why I go back to the above entry from Name. The Cards have a lot more to offer and their need at SS is almost as great as the Mets.

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