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Angel Pagan was removed in the seventh inning of Wednesday’s game with “muscle spasms,” according to ESPN-New York.  Pagan said he first felt the spasms warming up prior to the game. Mets manager Jerry Manuel said Pagan will likely sit out Thursday’s finale against the Tigers.


According to, John Maine is suffering from right shoulder tendinitis. The Mets said Maine has no structural damage. Omar Minaya, Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen are reportedly going to meet this week to decide a rehab strategy for Maine.


Johan Santana repsonded to the report that he was accused of sexual battery in Florida last October, reading a statement to the media:

“I will make a statement and hopefully, I will make myself clear. I’m aware of this situation. What I can tell you is that police had investigated these claims last year and I was never charged with anything and the case is closed. Unfortunately, at this time, that is all I can say.”

The case is closed because of a lack of evidence. The TMZ report is here.

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