Mets Minors: Matt Reynolds and other prospects shine in Spring Training

I’m back! That’s right kiddies, your friendly neighborhood minor league analyst is back after half a year away from the blog-o-sphere.  I’ll be doing my weekly prospect review, but in the meantime you can chew on some tasty numbers from the “Boys of Spring”.  The Met Farm System was on display this spring and it did not disappoint.  Be ready for good times in 2015 and beyond.

It’s good to be back!

The Hitters:

Matt Reynolds, SS – Prior to this spring training some savvy fans knew the name Reynolds.  A player drafted at 3rd base with the defensive potential to play up the middle, Reynolds bat has always lagged behind his glove.  Some scouts name Reynolds as the best defensive shortstop in the Met system these days and this spring he did more than flash some leather.  Reynolds showed us everything.  His line: .391/.408/.609 was outstanding and he proved he has some speed with a pair of stolen bases.  The only element of his game he did not show as an elite skill was his discipline, which is likely his biggest flaw.  Reynolds will be heading to AAA where he will threaten Wilmer Flores, should Flores not get off to a good start.

Michael Conforto, OF – Conforto had a great first season in the minors.  He played in Brooklyn and displayed both some promising power and an enticing amount of maturity as a hitter.  This spring Conforto got a brief taste of the big-leagues and in only 11 at bats captured the imagination of some fans.  Conforto is pegged to join Juan Lagares and Brandon Nimmo in a future “Home Grown” Met outfield.

Danny Muno, 2B – Muno had some buzz-worthy-ness prior to his unfortunate drug suspension.  These days he’s a distant afterthought to other prospects in the Met farm system.  Muno is interesting because he’s got some high-profile names ahead of him but his bat appears good enough to make him a worthwhile backup infielder in the majors.

Kevin Plawecki, C – Met fans now know his name and so does Travis d’Arnaud.  Plawecki is ready for the majors, evidenced by a .818 OPS this spring and impressive numbers throughout his minor league career.  For now he’ll be in the Met’s over-stocked AAA team with a whole bunch of other high impact prospects.  If the Mets are looking for a big trade this season, Plawecki is the biggest name the Mets could “easily” part with.

Dilson Herrera, 2B/SS – The Dilson did not have a good spring.  He’ll be shipped off to AAA where his hitting is expected to bounce back quickly.  He’s still the heir apparent to Daniel Murphy and should be on his way to Queens at some point this summer.

The Pitchers:

Rafael Montero, SP/RP – Last season I made waves when I said that Jacob deGrom would be a better pitcher than Montero.  This season, I’m not recanting that, but I am reiterating that I never claimed Montero would not be excellent.  I anticipate that Montero will land on the rotation at the first sign of injury to one of the starters and lock the position down.  The Mets should run a 7-man rotation in 2016.

Zach Thornton, RP – Here’s a name you might not know.  He’s a player the Mets snagged for Ike Davis a year ago and he happens to be a pretty solid reliever.  He might not be on the team to start the year but he has a future in a professional bullpen.

Matt Bowman, SP – Biggest surprise of the Spring (in a good way) was Bowman.  He was good in the minors, but I never expected that to translate against professional hitters.  His Spring numbers were good enough to get his name whispered.  He’ll be playing in Las Vegas behind a number of much higher profile starters, but results are what matter and he’s gotten them so far.

Steven Matz, SP/RP – Matz was almost wasted by the Mets “need” for a lefty reliever.  Matz, in my eyes, is the best prospect pitcher for 2015 in the Met system.  Another name has a higher ceiling, but a lefty with as much heat as Matz makes me pretty excited.  Like I said, 7-man rotation.

Noah Syndergaard, SP – Look at Thor’s 2015 Spring Training numbers and you might not be too happy.  He only managed 7.1 innings and walks away with an ERA just South of 5.00.  The good news is that his Opp BA and K/9 still look shiny and his K/BB is still healthy as well.  Have no fear, Syndergaard is as good as advertised.  Just temper your 2015 expectations.  I think his moment to shine is next year.

4 comments for “Mets Minors: Matt Reynolds and other prospects shine in Spring Training

  1. Chris B
    April 6, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    Great article! Looking forward to more minor league analysis

  2. Metsense
    April 6, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    All the players you list should make it to the show. Montero is much better than the Mets are giving him credit for. I hope they don’t initially look to trade Plawecki because he may be a more rounded player than TdA. Matz near no hitter in the Binghampton playoff game indicates to me that he is a gamer and future star. Likewise when I saw Conforto in his call up playoff game in Asheville with the Gnats he appeared to be the best player on the field.
    I agree David that good times are here for 2015 and beyond. It is good to have you back David.

  3. Peter Hyatt
    April 11, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    Just for encouragement, I re-read this well written article.

    The future could be closer than we think!

    Is it the 10 games MLB that pushes off the FA by one year?

    I echo the others, David…I am glad you’re writing.

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