Well hello John Mayberry, Jr., where you been all my life! A huge night from the tall outfielder was just what the Mets needed on an Arizona evening. Daniel Murphy exited the game after just two innings newly ensconced at third, and the pain merry-go-round just keeps on truckin’ for the ol’ Metsies. Mayberry’s three extra-base hits, especially his two-run jack in the top of the ninth helped make that particular pill a little easier to swallow though, aiding Jeurys Familia‘s chance at a five out save.

Meanwhile, Matt Harvey was much better tonight as he struck out nine and walked only one, allowing just two runs to score. But Harvey is paying the price for all those pitches over the plate. He has now given up nine home runs in just 11 starts. He gave up only seven homers in 26 starts in 2013, and nine in 20 starts in 2012. This is also the third time this season that Harvey has allowed multiple home runs in a game, and twice in his last three starts. He had one such game in his career before this season, and it was his third start ever. So while Harvey seems more than capable of making up for it, it is a noticeable trend at this point.

It was a necessary game for the Mets to win. Outside of Jacob deGrom‘s magnificent Monday, the starting pitching has been pretty awful the previous six games. The Mets defense has been consistently better of late, and the offense has been improved as well. It was nice to see a solid out from Harvey to reassure everyone that pitching is indeed still the team’s main strength.

4 comments on “Gut Reaction: Mets 6, Diamondbacks 2 (6/4/15)

  • James Preller

    Murphy on the DL would be a blow. Fingers crossed, but.

    Reynolds? Muno?

    Or does Sandy pull the trigger on a deal?

    BTW, Terry not moving Flores off SS because it would create “a firestorm” is just a pathetic justification.

    • James Newman

      When I heard that they made the defensive changes, it was a relief, but like you said, that was an awful reason for not moving Flores to second base. Ron Darling has been impressed with Flores the past couple of games, but Tejada seems to be much smoother in the field than Flores.

      Also, it was great seeing Mayberry Jr. have a game like tonight. Things were not looking too good for him, but tonight may have bought him more playing time.

  • Brian Joura

    Nice to get back in the win column.

    The biggest disappointment in this game was Collins leaving Familia in for the ninth after he had such a tough time in the 8th and the Mets added to the lead in the top of the inning. So, he ends up throwing 32 pitches and is unlikely to be available tonight.

    I know he wanted to get a win in general and one for Harvey in particular. But there wasn’t a guy left in the pen that he would trust with a four-run lead?

  • Metsense

    I like the idea of using your dominant relief pitcher against the heart of the order and a 4-2 lead and the tying run on base. I am not in favor of keeping him in to pitch the ninth when there are three more games to follow,a 4-2 lead and the bottom o the order coming up. When the score went to 6-2 (thank you John Mayberry) I was more distressed to see Familia in the ninth. At that point the “team” should come before the ” save.”
    What I find more distressing is this morning’s quote from TC that he expects to use him if need be for another 30 pitches today as he saw KRod go 30 pitches 2 or 3 days in a row. The calendar says June 5th not September 5th. I hope the staff knows Familia’s arm because we can’t afford to lose it.
    First Place and the high water mark in Alderson’s tenure as GM eclipsing June 2012.

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