Terry CollinsThe Mets are in contention for a playoff spot this year, and are searching for ways to improve the current roster. On Friday, it was announced that Daniel Murphy would be going on the 15-day disabled list with strained quadriceps, an injury that will hurt this ball club quite a bit. Also, Terry Collins announced that the team will be returning to a five-man rotation, as Dillon Gee will become a spot starter and long reliever out of the bullpen. The Mets need to put the best team on the field, and they need to make a run for the postseason this year, as the National League East is going to be a race between the Mets and the Washington Nationals. Here are some changes Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins may want to consider going forward:

Move Wilmer Flores to second, and Ruben Tejada to shortstop

It makes sense to keep Flores at shortstop and move Tejada to second in order to make Flores more comfortable at shortstop. Are the Mets truly sold on Flores being their everyday shortstop for the next decade? Although he is only 23 years old, Flores has not gotten things going offensively, as his average has been hovering around .250, and his OBP has been below .300. The move to second base may give him more confidence in the field, and maybe the switch will spark his offensive game. The infield defense would improve, as Tejada has shown he can be a good defensive shortstop. If Flores can drive in runs and get on base at a higher clip, Flores could be a valuable player moving forward for the Mets.

Prepare for David Wright to miss the entire season

It is a shame that the Mets are finally competing, yet their captain is on the disabled list. Wright’s spinal stenosis is a troubling injury, and there is no timetable on his return. Obviously fans and the Mets want Wright back as soon as possible, but the organization should consider players outside the organization to play third base until Wright comes back. Eric Campbell and Danny Muno are solid players, however they have not provided enough offense when given playing time. The Mets can get by if Campbell hits like he did last year, but the team may want to acquire a player if they can upgrade.

Call up Steven Matz, and put him in the starting rotation

Having a surplus of pitching is tremendous. Alderson’s inability to move a starting pitcher may be hurting the team, as Matz continues to carve up hitters in Triple-A Las Vegas. Fans have seen Jon Niese struggle recently, as his ERA has gone from 1.95 to 4.43 over his last five starts. His last start against Arizona was a quality start, and it was promising to see him strike out eight hitters in six innings. Niese could be an attractive starting pitcher for other teams searching for pitching, and the Mets may be able to get a good player in return. Dillon Gee was supposed to be a starting pitcher, but Collins has decided to put him back into the bullpen after his start in San Diego, when he allowed seven runs in four innings. Alderson must trade one of his veteran starters in order for the Mets to call up Matz.

It seems probable that the Mets will be making a trade soon, as they look to upgrade the offense, the infield’s defense, and open up a spot for Steven Matz in the rotation. If players on the disabled list, such as Travis d’Arnaud and Dilson Herrera come back and produce at a high level, the offense should pick up, and produce more runs. The team has the starting pitching to compete for a playoff spot, but the offense and defense must improve if the Mets want to make a serious run for the playoffs.

15 comments on “Recommendations for Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins Moving Forward

  • Peter Hyatt

    What has Terry Collins told us about managerial authority when he said the 5 man rotation was a pain in the arse?

  • Eric

    Niese will not net you a significant piece. He is wildly inconsistant and a free agent next year. I know Alderson is waiting on Conforto next year, question is can they afford to? They may have to bite the
    bullet and dangle Matz.

    • Brian Joura

      Niese has club options for both 2017 and 2018.

    • Chris F

      dangle Matz? Wow. As the only lefty in this power rotation, that seems wildly dangerous. Furthermore, as a prospect with no MLB experience, he wont net the proven big league hitter we seem to crave.

      In any event, I see zero chance of dangling H, d, S, W, or M. I mean having a whole rotation of nothing but cheap, controlled, top end starters would be shockingly amazing.

  • Joe Gomes

    So you say move Flores to 2B then say that Herrera will help? how? Flores is at 2B so where does Herrera play?

    Bring up Steven Matz to pitch where? the Mets have 6 starters already so unless you are proposing a 7 man rotation, I don’t know where you are coming from.

    Up until the Mets move at least 2 starters in trades, no other pitcher can be added.

    The reason that Flores is still at shortstop is the fact that the Mets want Herrera at 2B and it would make no sense to move Flores to 2B and then back to shortstop once Herrera comes back.

    Murphy will be the 3B going forward and if Herrera is playing 2B, the imbecile in the dugout will platoon once again Flores and Tejada.

    • TexasGusCC

      I wish you would post more! Every day! Very well put, Mr. Gomes.

    • James Newman

      Many fair points you make Joe.

      Are we sure that Dilson Herrera is going to be the best option for the Mets this year? I think he is undoubtedly the second baseman of the future, but he hit .220 last season, and .235 in ten games. He will be a stud, but would he outhit Flores this season?

      Matz is dominating Triple-A, and I think he would perform better than Niese if called up. We have seen Dillon Gee take a back seat to the younger pitchers, and if the team is ready to call up Matz, then Niese should head to the pen. This is unlikely and I realize that, but I think Matz starting would put the team in a better position to make the playoffs.

      Also, now that Murphy is out for a bit, Flores could play third and Herrera could start at second. It will be interesting to see what happens as we progress through the summer.

  • TexasGusCC

    I have two cents also:
    – Maybe this is insignificant, but I’d swallow my disgraceful pride and put Cuddyer at the position he has played his whole life and maybe make the man feel better, and put Granny where he belongs.
    – Granderson is a better fit in the #2 spot. Leave him there. Put Cuddyer #3, Duda #4, TDA, Flores, Lagares. I say TDA fifth because he isn’t disciplined enough for #3.
    – Call the Red Sox about Allen Craig. Craig came up as a third baseman and may only cost Gee, or a low prospect like Chase Hutchinson. What is there to lose?

    • John

      Alan Craig went through waivers unclaimed. He was hitting about a buck sixty since the Linsfrac injury. His career is probably over.

      • TexasGusCC

        2015 Red Sox (AAA) 22g 94ab 1hr 8rbi 5r 0sb 10.6bb% % 14.9 %k%
        .317 .404 .415 .387BABIP

        not a high slugging percentage, but you won’t give up much and Sandy likes lottery tickets…

        If he was rocking, we couldn’t get him!

  • Larry Smith

    It’s a stretch to call Eric Campbell and Danny Muno “solid players.” They are the definition of replacement level players that any and every team has at the AAA level.
    I agree with much of the post. Granderson should be in LF when he plays. If Herrera gets healthy I would put him at 2B, Tejada should play SS unless Do-Nothing Sandy can find the team a real shortstop, at 3B go with Murphy while giving Wilmer spot starts at all the infield positions. While Murph is on the DL use Wilmer and/or Campbell at 3b.
    Sooner or later the team has to give Matt Reynolds a shot somewhere. I don’t know where he fits but making him rot in Vegas can’t be the best thing for anyone.
    And while they’re at it they have to get Anthony Recker off the major league roster. He’s a horrible hitter even for a backup catcher.

  • Matt Netter

    Management is unwilling to part with any of the young pitchers, ownership is unwilling to release any player making above the veteran minimum and no rival GM is interested in our veteran pitchers. Thus, we are in a holding pattern


    I’m tired of the tirades over Flores. What is you want him to do. Not performing offensively? Is that why he leads MLB SS in home runs ? No defense! Remember how bad Tejada was at SS after the management did all they could to destroy his confidence. Defensively he is as good as any replacement mentioned

    Leave Flores alone. Quit asking for Reynolds. Now is not the time to bring up untried talent. We don’t have the luxury of time and patience. Agree assume Wright is out, just about any non pitching position player except Duda, Murphy, Lagares, Flores need an upgrade in offense. If you can find one that is really an impact player, not some shill’s idea to quiet the masses give up pitching, and let’s win. Anything less than that criminal

    • Patrick Albanesius

      +1 for a rare Flores defender!

      • John


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