Well this downright sucks. No matter how you slice it, the Mets are just not a major-league caliber team at the moment, and that stinks to say. Not only injuries, but sub-par performances from some veteran players, and too much being asked of rookies are dragging this team down. It’s not one person individually at fault, but quite frankly everyone. The infield has been decimated and jostled. The outfield has been stagnant and limp. This team seems as though it has no pulse at the moment. No one is stepping up to take the Captain’s place, and good nights are turning grim.

The pitching was extra sharp, but one pitch was the decider this evening. It’s getting hard to watch this team literally hobble through the season like this. I know everyone is doing their best, but the Mets were a slim bet for playoff baseball when everything was supposed to go right. Virtually nothing has. Maybe that sounds like an excuse, but I can’t think of another team in baseball that has had thirteen members of the team placed on the Disabled List, and have back only one starting pitcher, who just got demoted to the bullpen to show for it. The handling of that whole situation is a tirade for another day.

This isn’t a winning ball club at this moment. The scoreboard proves that. The Mets have just about run that winning streak about as far as it can go now. It’s time they start a new one.

7 comments on “Gut Reaction: Arizona 2, Mets 1 (6/6/15)

  • TexasGusCC

    Patrick, I admire your dedication. I can’t believe how anyone could put a summation up night after night with these pathetic showings.

    While I understand that teams have slumps and you have to keep positive, let’s look below the surface. Flores was benched with an off day coming up Monday and an offense that downright stinks and needs every break they can get for Muno. The Danny Muno. To get Muno in the lineup, you sit one of your decent weapons. Great move. Need I say more about this team’s priorities?

    • TexasGusCC

      I just read that Flores was stiff and Collins rested him for precautionary reasons. I did not see the beginning of the game and missed certain innings so I was uninformed. Thus, I regret and retract my rant on Collins above, and will just shake my head in dismay.

      Alex Castellanos had a double and a HR, and four RBIs tonight; just saying.

  • Meticated

    I have put 10,000 miles of distance between New York and myself physically…psychically though I still bleed orange and blue…most Mets games occur while I am in dreamland, floating blissfully unawares…on the rare occasion, when I can be enlisted in a game chatter, the game is not televised to Australia…methinks, on most gamedays that it’s largely better this way..baseball and things Metsian have taken on a surrealistic quality, and I find that I live baseball vicariously through your commentaries…however, when provoked, sometimes I imagine that if I were to swing a bat here in Sydney, it just might create the fabled butterfly effect, and perhaps I could blow the Wilpons deservingly naked into Flushing Bay…as for the team and our heroes,(pathetic as we may be a majority of the time), I still have the soul of a believer and pray fervently that we simply show the world that we will evolve into a force to be reckoned with!

  • Eraff

    I’d complain about Tejada batting behind Grandy— but it’s minor compared to the 5th-9th slots in the batting order. …that’s truely 5 Easy Pieces!!!! Lagares-Muno-Recker-Campbell-Bart…. woah!!!!!!!

  • Steevy

    I think it is time for Alderson to go and of course,take TC with him.

  • Metsense

    So if they won last night then they would be 3-3 on the road trip and everyone would bite their tongue for another day. The Nats lost again so the Mets are able to stick around. 4-3 and 2-1 losses are very frustrating! Lennon’s column in Newsday was informative about some potential avenues to take. I say the sooner the better. It is tough to rely on Muno or Campbell as your offense especially when the regulars that are left are under performing. A lot of good pitching is being wasted.

  • Pete

    Patrick I said before the annual predictions that health plays a major part in any successful campaign. Doesn’t matter which sport you are talking about. It’s just that this Was supposed to be Our year. Yeah. Right. You’re right. This sucks!

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