7 comments on “Mets Card of the Week: White Whale

  • Metsense

    Please burn the Red Sox tee shirt.

    • Doug

      I’m a big fan of Red Jacket brand t shirts (this reply brought you by Red Jacket brand t shirts), and my “Do Not Wear” list is relatively short: Yankees, Nats (Senators throwbacks are acceptable), Braves (likewise, Boston and Milwaukee are OK), Phillies.

  • NormE

    Doug, your sartorial choices aside, you are a treasure! I hope Brian Joura compensates you well, or at least somewhat so.

    • Doug

      Aw, thanks Norm!

      And wait– you can get paid for writing stuff on the internet?

  • Jim OMalley

    Hah! Did you get that from the June Auction? You outbid me! But I got the complete set of Mets organizational sketchbooks and the 1968 Tommie Davis Topps plaque test issue!

    • Doug

      Yes, I did Jim– that’s so funny! I bid on the 1968 Davis disc (another White Whale), but that got out of hand very quickly.

      I’ve seen that Davis plaque checklisted as a Dodgers item in the past, so I’ve never been sure whether to consider it a Mets issue.

      There was too much good stuff in that auction– the Swoboda Stand-Up and 1968 3D, the punchouts, the Seaver comic and pinup, etc.

      Enjoy your winnings!

  • Jim OMalley

    We should collaborate and not bid against each other. This way we could more easily divvy up the booty. The current auction is intriguing too.

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