New-York-Mets-Logo-VectorEvery season, there are winners and losers of the July 31 Major League Baseball Trade Deadline.  Some teams become buyers, and do what they can in order to acquire a big name bat to make a playoff push.  Other teams become sellers, and give up their big name players in order to acquire top prospects from other teams.  To this point in the Sandy Alderson Era, the Mets have not been buyers or sellers at the trade deadline, because they have remained relatively quiet each season.  However, this season is different.  The Mets are in a pennant race for the first time since 2008, and they actually have a chance to make the playoffs.  That being said, the Mets have a chance to win the trade deadline, but they can also lose it.  Therefore, it is important that Alderson does the following in order to help the Mets win the deadline:

1. Make some noise: Ever since 2011, the only major in-season trades the Mets have made are the 2011 Carlos Beltran for Zack Wheeler deal and the 2013 Marlon Byrd and John Buck for Dilson Herrera and a player to be named later.  While both of these trades have had their lasting affects on the Mets, Alderson can do better, and should do better.  This season, the Mets are in need of an infielder, due to David Wright’s injury, which is something the ballclub better capitalize on.  Names such as Jean Segura and Aramis Ramirez have surfaced in Mets trade suggestions, and both of these players would help the Mets in their 2015 playoff push.  But even if they do not get either of these players, they can still win the deadline by acquiring somebody else.

2. DO NOT give up young starting pitching: The Mets have a plethora of young starting pitching in the big leagues right now, and although two of the are on the DL, they can still see themselves traded this season.  That being said, Alderson needs to ignore what many fans are saying, and keep Matt Harvey, Wheeler, Steven Matz, Jacob deGrom, and Noah SyndergaardBartolo Colon and Jon Niese are the only two starting pitchers that should be traded, but even Colon’s name could be on the list of pitchers not to trade because he can help the Mets in a pennant race.

3. Acquire big leaguers, not prospects: Everybody seems to love the prospects in today’s game, and Alderson is no exception.  Alderson has yet to make a trade in which he acquires a big leaguer in his tenure with the Mets, but he will have to do so in order to win the trade deadline.  While prospects may help the team in the long run, the Mets need to focus on winning this season, and they will need big leaguers in order to do so.

Not every team can win the trade deadline, but the Mets have a chance to be one of those winning teams.  All it will take is for Alderson to follow these guidelines; because if he does not, the Mets may dig themselves into an inescapable hole.  The Blue Jays fell into this hole last season, and Alderson needs to do everything in his power in order to make at least a little bit of noise.

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  • Doug Parker

    I think the challenge here is that you can’t really accomplish points 1 or 3 while following point 2. Colon, Niese, etc., are not going to net big-league noisemakers. That will probably take a package starting with one of the non-injured young arms (Harvey, deGrom, Syndy)– the only untouchable from my perspective would be deGrom.

    Of course, I suspect that Sandy will hold on to all three and essentially concede another season with the hope that some 2016 offense will fall into his lap over the winter…

    • Chris F

      Exactly right Doug. And even though this doesn’t fit the criteria, if Matz was ok, I’d protect him too. Degrom and Matz, and no one else.

      I give Bridich in Denver a call and tell him were gonna rebuild his pitching staff: Harvey, Montero, Mejia, Ynoa, Gsellman in exchange for Arenado and LaMahieu, and other bits. throw in Flores and Rosario too and add Blackmon. In any event it’s time to shake the tree.

  • Patrick Albanesius

    Completely agreed. There are tremendous questions at every position in the infield except catcher at the moment, and I doubt Alderson will do anything to address them mid-season.

  • Rob Rogan

    Well the thing about those calling for Alderson to trade from pitching depth is that we (at least me, anyway) are not referring to trading anyone from the current rotation. The farm has tremendous pitching depth, and this would be a case of trading away prospects for MLB talent. Essentially the opposite of what Alderson has done so far while rebuilding the system.

    All we have on the outside are spotty rumors, but all signs point to Alderson not wanting to give up *anything* to get help. That’s not how this works. That can’t really be true, though, right? Right?!?!?!

    For the right deal, he’s going to need to deal from that pitching depth and probably some positional prospects not named Conforto. I mean they’ve been telling us that they can do it. So do it. You’re not going to get something for nothing.

  • TexasGusCC

    I think the Mets can make a trade to get useful players without the need to swing for the fences. Parra and Ramirez from the Brewers give us the two things we need: Leadoff hitter and cleanup hitter. Since both of these guys are rental players, they could be gotten for a combo of a couple of minor league starters and a bullpen arm; that amounts to Robles, Cessa, and Fulmer. Get it done Sandy.

    Then, signing Parra would be a nice start to creating a deeper outfield for next year.

    • Chris F

      I cannot for the life of me understand why there would be any interest whatsoever in Aramis Ramirez. He provides absolutely value to the Mets. He’s 37 yo, and owed 5-6 M$ still this season. We’ve heard recently that SA has balked at covering the 3M$ on Zobrist.

      But let’s compare Ramirez vs. some unidentified Met.

      BA .245
      OBP .293
      OPS .724
      HR 11
      OPS+ 96
      RBI 42

      On top of paying the 5-6M$ left, to get all this below average offense, we will need to forfeit some player that we all may have heard of. You couldn’t give me Ramirez even for the contract alone.

      Some Met:
      BA .252
      OBP .285
      OPS .671
      HR 10
      OPS+ 86
      RBI 40
      Remaining salary in ’15 = ~ 200k $

      The unidentified Met is Wilmer Flores. And his numbers are barely any worse than those of Ramirez and about 20x cheaper. And he’s 23 yo.

      I wouldn’t touch Ramirez with a 10-foot pole. He would be another Cuddyer.

      • TJ

        I am not thrilled with Ramirez either. I want Alderson to upgrade the team by July 31. However, my main concern is not gutting the farm system prospects for rental players to make a run this year. Ramirez would be a depth move that would cost only money and a middling prospect. I can live with that. Play him at 3B vs. LHP and use his veteran bat off the bench late. Parra is not really a leadoff hitter. Carlos Gomez makes more sense there, but his cost may be very high if it is true that the Orioles will deal Gausman for him. I think a deal including Raffy Montero plus could compete, but the cloud over his shoulder health likely will be a show stopper.

      • TexasGusCC

        Gentlemen, Ramirez hasn’t hit less than .280 since 2002, except for 2010, and has hit over .350 these last seven weeks. He isn’t to be a full starter, but can be. He cannot play second or short, but can fill in at first better than JMJ or Cuddyer and give you options as well as handling third. As far as the money owed, I’m tired of worrying about the Wilpons’ pocket.

        • Chris F

          Sure she’s hit less than .280 Gus, that’s this year. And we can’t sever the reality of no money, because if money weren’t an issue there’s no chance anyone would even whisper the name Ramirez. But the fact is, he’s owed a mountain of cash in Mets dollars for a guy that can’t play every day at a position we need production and every day reliability. I’m not giving 6 M$ to a guy riding a hot streak.

          Parra on the other hand…I’d have him starting in RF tonight.

  • James Newman

    Also not letting Ben Zobrist go to the Nationals. It sounds like he is the player Alderson is looking for, since he is versatile and being a switch hitter helps. Money should not come into play, but we as Mets fans know that it will hold our GM back from making the move.

  • Metsense

    Parra and Ramirez are available rental players that would help the Mets today. Ramirez has a .938 OPS the last 28 days. Parra is havng a career year. Flores goes to the bench and Muno to AAA. Parra goes out to right, Grandy to left and Cuddyer to the bench with Campbell to AAA. TDA comes back and Plawecki is on the bench and Recker to AAA all for the cost of some minor league starters which they have 21 of. Trade depth for need.

  • Chris F

    Sorry, shelling out a fortune for Ramirez riding a short hot streak only to face returning to the junk he’s been giving all season doesn’t wash with me for a second. He’s just the next aging old has been we can grouch about while we watch 6M$ spiral down the dumper.

    Love Parra tho. Years ago as a RF he made one of the best catches I’ve ever seen while playing the Mets.

    • Mike Koehler

      Yeah, not understanding the love for Ramirez. He’s washed up and expensive, but he’s infatuating simply because he’s on another team. Stop it.

  • Chris F

    At least we can mercifully put the Ramirez trade to rest…hes a Pirate now.

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