Multiple media sources are saying that Keith Hernandez has agreed to stay on with SNY.

Hernandez is my favorite of the three broadcasters, so this is great news as far as I’m concerned. I recognize that I hold him to a different standard than Gary Cohen. As Cohen hardly ever misses a game, that’s okay in a way. But I much prefer Hernandez to Darling and believe that the broadcast suffers greatly when Hernandez isn’t in the booth.

Welcome back, Keith!

7 comments on “Breaking: Keith Hernandez to remain at SNY

  • Chris F

    He’s at his best being cranky when fundies fall apart and late in game/season when the Mets are beyond hope and he and Gary open up and laugh at everything.

    Welcome back Mex, the booth would not be the same without you!

  • Larry Smith

    As I tweeted last night – If the Mets followed their normal MO they tried to get Keith on a one year deal and hope for him also to be able to play center field.

  • Steevy

    Keith makes the broadcast to me.Glad he is still on board.

  • NormE

    Keith is an important part of the viewing experience.
    In my mind I feel that Gary is so good at bringing out the best in his broadcast partners, be it Keith, Ron or the late Ralph Kiner. On radio he helped Bob Murphy do his best work.
    Follow Ron when he works the network games. He’s much stiffer in comparison to his work with Gary.
    With Keith, Gary instinctively knows what buttons to push. Keith is comfortable with both Ron and Gary. Much different from his early days behind the microphone.
    Living out of NY I get to listen to many other announcing combos. GKR is the best, except for Mr. Scully talking to himself.

  • TexasGusCC

    Glad to have Keith stay on, but like Darling also. Darling likes the professional/proper approach, while Keith can barely restrain his emotions. But, both are Mets at heart and with a lifelong Mets fan in Cohen, our game experience is very endearing.

  • Name

    As a team, Gary/Keith/Ron is great.

    Keith, as the sole color guy, i’m not too big a fan of, probably because i frequently disagree with his old-school analysis. Some people find his crankiness amusing, but i’m not one of them. Unlike Ron, he’s sometimes afraid to take bolder positions and say bad things about players/coaches

  • Matty Mets

    I treasure the road games in Cinci when he complains about the lack of 4 star steakhouses.

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