David Rawnsley on Matt Harvey as an amateur pitcher

Some of the scout comments in the Perfect Game database from that 2005 event include “has lightning in his arm! Super-fast arm, good life on his fastball, rolling action on his curveball, needs some refinement in mechanics, cross body in release and will occasionally cut off out front; hooks curveball.”

Harvey pitched at five other PG events while in high school, including the 2006 Aflac All-American Game (now the PG All-American Classic). He was very consistent in his velocity, always topping out in the mid-90’s, and his curveball developed well during that time in both power and spin. He also dabbled in a changeup but rarely used it. Notably, there is no record of his throwing his trademark slider in high school.

Two themes were constant in looking through the notes from those events. The first was that Harvey came by his mid-90’s velocity very easily. There wasn’t much effort in his delivery and the ball just exploded out of his hand. The second was that he was consistently able to work down in the strike zone with heavy sinking life on his fastball. That is something that precious few high school pitchers can do, especially when they throw that hard.

Source, David Rawnsley, 2080baseball.com


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