“The quick pitch is a good tool,” Warthen said. “It can be very effective against guys with big leg kicks, or guys that are on your stuff pretty good. I just thought that one was a poor decision because he threw a sinker the pitch before and (Gordon) hit the top of the baseball and fouled it straight down, basically to the catcher. So he hadn’t shown that he could handle the sinker, and there was no reason to change anything. But the quick pitch has worked very well for Jeurys, and he will continue to throw it.”

Source: John Harper, New York Daily News

I understand Warthen’s logic but I’d still prefer that Familia make his normal pitches and leave this tool to someone who doesn’t throw 97 or have a devastating splitter.

4 comments on “Dan Warthen on Jeurys Familia and the quick pitch

  • Chris F

    agreed. For a guy with the weapons Familia has, I would use it in really isolated situations.

    That pitch to Gordon ended the world series…or was it Harvey’s offering to Escobar?

  • MattyMets

    Completely agree. It’s a gimic that hitters and base coaches have caught onto. I don’t like Robles using it either.

  • DED

    Generally speaking I like for pitchers to be unpredictable in their pitching patterns. It is, after all, the only thing that makes the percentages what they are.

    But as for Familia — totally agree.

  • blaiseda

    agree with everyone even more so because their results are poorer when using the quick pitch. It’s a distraction. They should pick it up again when they are in their mid thirties and their stuff is in decline and they need another edge.

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