Tom SeaverRecently a copy of an original Tom Seaver 8mm movie recently became available. This film was produced by Action Films, Inc. of Mountain View, California which put out a 12-volume baseball set in 1970. In the movie, Seaver provides instruction and tips on:

1) Stretching, kicking, and striding
2) Holding runners on base
3) Grips for pitching
4) Fast ball, curve, & change-up

The movie came packed in its original 2 5/8″ x 6″ x 1″ box which features a color photograph of Seaver in uniform (with Mets logo on cap) plus facsimile autograph.

Seaver is the first player featured in the set. Other players featured are:

Dave McNally – “Left Hand Pitching”
Bill Freehan – “Catcher”
Willie McCovey – “First Base Play”
Don Kessinger & Glenn Beckert – “Double Play”
Brooks Robinson – “Infield Play”
Hank Aaron – “Right Hand Hitting”
Reggie Jackson – “Left Hand Hitting”
Pete Rose – “Outfield Play”
Lou Brock – “Base Running”
Willie Davis – “Bunting”
Rod Carew – “Sliding”

By 1970 and based on the group of players featured in this 12-volume set, Seaver had established himself as an elite player. Seaver and the Mets, fresh off the 1969 World Championship were at the height of their popularity. In 1969, Seaver went 25-7 with a 2.21 ERA en route to his first Cy Young Award.

To purchase a copy of the Seaver film, it might cost anywhere from $30.00 to $60.00 and the complete baseball collection, if you could find it, might cost approximately $225.00. The Action Films company put out other series as well, including Golf, Skiing, Hockey, Tennis and Football.

One comment on “Collectibles: ‘Tom Seaver on Right Hand Pitching’

  • John Fox

    Some pretty good players in that group, including eight future hall of famers and one (Pete Rose) with HOF credentials

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