That leaves us with a considerable margin of improvement just through good health…

I do think there’s a lot of room for improvement with players that we had last year not hitting with men in scoring position. Do I think that was symptomatic of something else? No. Do I think that was a fluke? I think it was sort of a statistical anomaly, at least. Do I think that will continue to happen? No.

Source: Mets Podcast

These clips that they put on MetsBlog are interesting. Alderson always has good insights and I enjoyed the Jay Bruce one, too. He seemed pretty composed, especially when they insisted on asking him questions he couldn’t possibly answer.

4 comments on “Sandy Alderson on ways for the 2017 team to improve

  • TexasGusCC

    Thanks for the link Brian. Is it me or does anyone else notice that Alderson compliments the owners every time he talks about payroll? It seems a bit more lately than we remember… He is up for a new contract, I believe.

    • Brian Joura

      Can’t say that I’ve noticed it but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. But two things seem to be relevant here. First, in 2014 the Mets had an Opening Day payroll of $84,951,365. B-R estimates their payroll this year to be $152.2 million. You can easily say the 2014 payroll was ridiculous and that this year’s is still lower than it should be. No one will argue with that. But it’s still a nearly doubling of the payroll in three years.

      None of us have any idea exactly how Alderson came to NY. Many have speculated that it was arranged by Commissioner Selig. Even if you don’t believe that theory, hopefully you think that Alderson went into the job with knowledge of what he was stepping into. He had to know that the financial situation was going to mean belt tightening and reduced payrolls. If he went in with the understanding that payroll was going to be cut but that it would go back up once they started winning, which is exactly what he told the media, and then that exact thing happened – wouldn’t you be more likely to praise rather than bitch about the owners?

      The other is that Alderson turns 70 in November. He seems to like his job but he also seems to be more Renaissance Man than guy who lives and dies with being a GM. I can see him re-upping for another year or two. I can also see him stepping aside and saying that his mission was achieved.

      • TexasGusCC

        I didn’t mean it to make fun of him, but I caught it as different to other General Managers that did not always mention their owners when they talk finances.

  • Chris B

    For a long time it was hard to believe anything that upper management said. SA has earned trust through this entire rebuilding process.

    I hope that he instills a winning culture in this team to a self sustaining level. A deep, competitive farm system that replenishes the majors year over year (thinking Cards, Giants, Sox).

    I’m at the point where I don’t care that we have a gluttony of OFers. There’s a game plan for every situation.. I just hope Terry can execute it.

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