“Sandy [Koufax] pitched a game in Los Angeles against the Phillies, and Jim Bunning, he went 11 innings, gave up one run and struck out 16. They took Sandy out for a pinch hitter. I came in, pitched one inning, we got a run and I got the win,’’ Regan recalled. “Four days later we went to Pittsburgh. Sandy went seven innings, struck out nine, gave up one run. They took him out for a pinch hitter. I came in, we scored and I got the win.

“He came in the clubhouse and said, ‘Regan, you are a real vulture. Give me my win,’ and some reporter heard it, and that’s the way it started.

Source: Kevin Kernan, New York Post

Approaching 80, Regan still pitches batting practice. Terrific piece that you should read in its entirety.

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