March 17 Cardinals-Mets with Wise Chat

Brian Joura: How does this work for you?
David G: I helped
Chris F: did u read the article by Ces on teh players trib?
Brian Joura: No
Chris F: i posted it in the garden
Chris F: its good
Brian Joura: Did he talk much about the trek from Cuba? That's what I'd be interested in reading.
Chris F: to some degree...and how much the mets are "home"
Brian Joura: Yeah, that's nice but ...
Chris F: its first person article, which is refershing
Brian Joura: He speaks and writes English?
Brian Joura: Carillo off the urology sign in LC
David G: Goeddel is done
Brian Joura: Wow, I'm behind. I've still got Mets batting.
David G: could be dropped after this game
Brian Joura: has been freezing a lot on me here in Spring. Hope that's not the case during the regular season.
Brian Joura: Keith: It's getting late; swing the bat.
Chris F: ive been good with my feed
Chris F: this kind of game isnt for keith...i want him down in the dugout
Brian Joura: If Gary was in the booth, they might have sent Keith wandering the field.
Chris F: i think the Ces article written en espanol, then translated
Chris F: "straight hair, like his fastball!
Chris F: keith is th ebest
Brian Joura: Not too far behind now but just froze so...
Brian Joura: Alonso doesn't get cheated on his swing
Gus: Hi folks. Saw the post so I wanted to drop in and wish all a Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Gus: Looks ok on iPhone. A bit archaic.
Gus: ok, have to go to Sam's Club.
Name: test
Name: this is aight

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