Tonight was supposed to be a special night for Rafael Montero. Tonight, he was supposed to show that he belongs amongst the ranks of the Mets starters. Instead, Montero showed exactly why he is not a regular starter. He put up a subpar effort, throwing 90 pitches over only 3.2 innings. He once again struggled with his command, giving up 3 walks and 5 earned runs. This outing will have many questioning if Montero is a major league level pitcher. My gut reaction is that he should no longer be considered a starter by the franchise, and that he should be used exclusively out of the bullpen. Of course, with all of the injuries to the rotation Montero may be awarded another start or two.

Despite the early struggles of Montero, the Mets were able scratch back and win the game 8-7. A big five-run seventh inning rally dealt the blow to the Marlins. T.J Rivera tied the game with a two RBI double, and Wilmer Flores walked with the bases loaded to force in the winning run. Perhaps the best part of the offense tonight was that the Mets scored runs on more than just home runs. While home runs by Rivera and Curtis Granderson accounted for three runs, the rest were a combination of other RBI hits. Neil Walker and Jose Reyes were the only starting position players to not contribute a hit. Rene Rivera was especially exciting to watch, as he contributed two hits and an RBI tonight. He is usually known for his defense, not his bat.

Other than a shaky outing from Josh Smoker, the bullpen was solid tonight. Addison Reed came in for the hold, and Jeurys Familia came in to seal the deal. The Mets have clawed back to within two games of .500, and will continue the push to hit that mark tomorrow when Robert Gsellman takes the mound at 7:10.

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  • TexasGusCC

    A few post game notes:
    – I would be remiss if I didn’t open with Collins’ words about Wilmer Flores. Collins said: “Flores is in a tough position, and I put him there. Last year we didn’t give him consistent atbats against righties and he hasn’t had them this year either, but prior to that he used to rake against righties.” I said on Wednesday that I’m expecting Flores to go on a run similar to last June. It’s coming. He’s more mature, more understanding of himself, and the opening is now there for him to play regularly.
    – Tyler Pill pitched tonight in Las Vegas. Pill so far this year has a 0.33 ERA having three starts in Vegas in his third stint there, and had two in Binghamton. At this point, he has to be the next option but isn’t on the 40 man roster. Doesn’t get many strikeouts, but the kid has earned a shot and is on rotation for next Wednesday even though Collins said that Gilmartin went down to be the next in line but they need to wait ten days to bring him up. Should Montero get another chance? Maybe. Why maybe?
    – Collins after the game also said that he noticed that the Marlins didn’t even swing at the close pitches and will have Warthen look to see if Montero may be tipping his pitches.
    – Notice the change of approach offensively. Last September, the Mets abandoned the swing from the heels mentality and the offense took off. Seems like they’ve learned the lesson earlier. Pity they needed to re-learn it, but these are the Mets. Hopefully, they can continue the successful formula. Too, it was nice to see Granderson and Conforto both beat the shift with simple singles. The stuff rallies are made of.

    The type of win that puts us to sleep with smiles on our faces.

    • MattyMets

      Gus, Pill would be interesting to try. Putting Gilmartin out there is as good as forfeiting. Montero at least gave us a few clean innings before falling apart. Gilmartin is like putting a pitching machine on the mound.

      • TexasGusCC

        I think it would be a 40 man decision coupled with someone would need to be released, but based on what I think I heard, Pill is a bit down on the totem pole.

        • Name

          It was absolutely horrifying listening to the post game comments by Terry when asked if Montero would get another start. He basically responded with “If not him, who else do we have?”

          Really? Was that a joke? You can pretty much pluck any single A pitcher and they’d probably have a better chance than Montero.

          There is no decision to be made if they need a spot on the 40 man. The move (that should have been made 4 weeks ago) is to release Montero.

          • Chris F

            I hear ya name…i heard that on the radio and nearly drove off the road.

            • Name

              An even worse part was listening to Josh Lewin talking about how hard of a decision it would be to get another pitcher here because they would have to make room on the 40 man and 25 man when in reality there is so much dead weight and crap on the roster that opening spots is the least of our concerns.

              • Jimmy P

                There’s not a lot of pitching talent in the farm system.

                They really don’t even have a strong bullpen candidate.

                But, sure, Pill seems hot and worth a shot.

                Aside: Montero doesn’t have “chase” stuff. His ball has not late life, doesn’t move enough, so disciplined ML players rarely swing out of the zone. The changeup is his best pitch.

    • Chris F

      Lets hope to high heck that Flores doesnt get many more ABs v RHP or regular playing time. A single and walk from a wild pitcher couldnt be construed as “mashing”. Ill give Wilmer credit for being a bit Forrest Gump like, making a timely, visible contribution, while leaving a trail of utterly abysmal results about 95% of the time that seem to be washed away by his tears.

      Fabulous win though. Im a believer in TJ. Saw Jim Breuer last night (absolutely hysterical), and of course even here plenty of Mets fans showing strong! Caught the last inning call from Howie. Just awesome! LGM

      • Jimmy P

        I don’t get why there’s so much hate for Flores on this board. He’s a bench player who does one thing, hit LHP, extremely well. He’s also versatile in the field. Plays hard, has pop.

        I like him.

        And again, the reality is the Mets farm system is no great shakes. It’s not like he’s blocking anybody. It’s not like he’s a finished product, there’s hope he can develop into a better hitter against RHP — and a track record to suggest it’s possible.

        But mostly, I just don’t get the venom directed at him. He’s been out hurt, came back, went 2-3 and walk. The hostility is weird.

    • Dalton Allison

      At this point, strike outs don’t matter. As long as he puts the team in position to win, put him out there.

  • Eraff

    Montero flashed a bit of “stuff” last night… teased against his unwillingness to throw strikes versus MLB Hitters.

    I’d actually want to see one more start.

  • Nym6986

    This was a good win for the Mets. 10 days ago a 7-3 deficit would have had us already watching an SVU rerun. Can’t help but again question the Mets failure to pick up Matt Wieters for a one year deal knowing tDa’s propensity to get hurt. Thankfully the pen has for the most part been strong and when they have not it can be traced to overuse. Montero will get one more start and hopefully Matz or Lugo will be on their way back. Good to see some small ball and kudos to Grandy and Wilmer for patiently taking pitches. #LGM

    • MattyMets

      Wieters is nearly as injury prone as TDA and he earns 5 times the salary.

    • Dalton Allison

      I am also on the side that the Mets should have picked up Weiters. Solid, veteran option behind the plate looking to build value for a long-term contract.

  • Metsense

    Those Rivera Twins are something else. TJ 300/378/500/878 with the highlight being the 378 OBP. Rene 304/313/391/704 is on a hot streak also. The Twins have proven that the team can win with them in the lineup because both were part to the 2016 playoff drive.
    Robles, Blevins, Reed and Familia make up a nice first tier of relievers. Granderson is beginning to thaw from his Ice Ace called April and hopefully begins hitting like T-Rex – Bang a gong, get it on – and wrecks pitchers.
    Maybe the Mets should take a Pill for next Wednesday to remedy their rotation illness.
    A great come back thanks to the back of the bullpen and the offense.

    • TexasGusCC

      Metsense, Collins also touched on TJ last night and said that he just barrels balls and always has a high average but doesn’t walk. I didn’t expect Rivera to repeat his performance from last year but the more I look at the roster construction, the more I appreciate guys who can just make contact. We need to lessen the windmills at Citifield.

    • Dalton Allison

      I have always been a fan of underdog T.J Rivera, and if Rene Rivera can keep the hits coming, I don’t see any reason to start d’Arnaud over him.

  • Brian Joura

    Mets are now second in the NL with a 5.04 runs per game average. This despite three starters on the DL. That’s not too shabby.

    • Name

      Unfortunately they are also 2nd to last in the NL with a 4.82 ERA.

      I’d rather have those ranking flipped. Pitching wins over the long run.

  • MattyMets

    In other news, Gabriel Ynoa pitched 6 scoreless innings in relief for the O’s last night

  • Eraff

    yes..the Ynoa decision baffled me at the time..

    Doug Fister would be my first choice, but I’m sure he’s looking for a MLB guarantee and an assurance that he’ll pitch—the Mets are kind of Half in, and I understand that. They don;t know what they really have in Lugo or Gsellman, injury to Lugo aside…and Matz?????

    • Name

      What was baffling about it?

      Career k-rate under 6.
      6.38 ERA last year in 18 innings.
      Made 3 starts and didn’t complete 5 in any.

  • Eraff

    Several OPs with Click Bait negative crap, from Harvey to Terry, plus a gathering of folks who seem to dislike baseball players…. whether it’s comparing Monterobto Steve Howe, or hating on Flores for Being Flores….it goes on and on. There’s even hate for Chechinni who has not even had a shot!!!….

    ….it’s getting trashy and thoughtless.

    I don’t like Kool Aid, but this is becoming UnFun

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