The Trade Deadline Doesn’t Matter As Much This Year

And Verlander isn’t the only guy who would either clear waivers, or whose market wouldn’t dramatically change if he got claimed. We’ve already seen that there’s not much demand for rental corner outfielders, so the Mets probably don’t need to move Jay Bruce or Curtis Granderson in the next seven days. With roughly $4 to $5 million left from their 2017 salaries, and moderate production at a position in low demand, the Mets can probably count on getting about as much for them in August as they would in July. The team’s leverage is more about just not trading them than marketing either player to multiple suitors, so even if one gets claimed, they’ll still have the ability to say “give us something or we’ll pull him back”.

Source: Dave Cameron, FanGraphs

That’s all there is specifically about the Mets. But an interesting piece that reminds us that trading isn’t over at the end of July.

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