Which team would be MLB’s best if every player were in his prime?

We found the 25 best players in every team’s organization, where “best” means “best season they ever had,” using Baseball Prospectus’ model for wins above replacement. If they’ve never had a season as good as they’re projected to have this year, we gave them credit for this year’s projection. Such that 2007 Curtis Granderson (6.9 WAR) is now teammates with 2017 Marcus Stroman (4.4 WAR) and 2018 Max Pentecost (0.2 WAR). We weren’t sticklers for position, but we did make sure every position was covered, including two catchers. We gave each team 13 hitters — after the top eight, we scaled down their career-best WARs to reflect the reduced playing time that a bench player gets — and 12 pitchers, who (through some extra steps) typically included a near-even split of relievers and starters.

Source: Sam Miller, espn.com

Before you click on the link, put comment on where you think this version of the Mets would finish, between 1-30.

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