FanGraphs’ Top 18 Mets prospects

9. Luis Guillorme

Guillorme is one of the more remarkable prospects to watch in all of baseball. He’s got a catcherly build at 5-foot-9 and is often the most unathletic-looking player on the field. Then Guillorme’s hands start to get involved in the game, and you realize you might be watching the person who is more gifted at this one specific aspect of baseball than anyone else on the planet. His hands and actions seem supernatural, and Guillorme convert oddly struck ground balls — ones that most shortstops would just eat — into outs.

His offensive approach is driven by an almost pathological need to hit the ball the other way. He has among the best hand-eye coordination and bat control in the minors, which has made him difficult to strike out and allowed him to walk more than is typical for hitters with zero game power (72 walks, 55 strikeouts at Double-A last year), as Guillorme seeks to slap contact toward third base and back up the middle almost exclusively. He’s a unique expression of baseball and is going to be a good utility man for a very long time.

Source: FanGraphs

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