Mets Minors: A resurgent Justin Dunn could re-write the Mets’ farm system

We have written at length about the lost 2017 season for Justin Dunn. The Mets’ top pick from the 2016 draft, Dunn entered 2017 with high expectations and fell squarely on his face. His 2017 season was so bad that the Mets moved their former top pick into the bullpen to help get him back on track.

His final line from the 2016 season was ugly:

20 Games
16 Games Started
95.1 Innings Pitched
5.00 ERA
101 Hits.
48 Walks
75 Strikeouts

Thanks to these dismal results, the #3 prospect in the Met farm system failed to live up to any amount of hype. This, combined with a poor year from Desmond Lindsay and more injury troubles for Thomas Szapucki and the Mets were lucky to have their farm system ranked as high as the bottom third.

For Dunn, this season has started far better and in his first two starts not only has he managed to keep the opponents off the board but his strikeouts are up and his WHIP is back down. If he can keep that WHIP under 1.20 and his K/9 above 9.0 then the Met farm system will once again have a gem of a prospect atop their system.

The farm system with a succesful Justin Dunn will make all the other prospects that have come to light shine brighter. It would not be surprising, particularly with the Mets having a Top 10 pick in this year’s draft, to see the Mets back in the top third of the rankings next season.


Ty Kelly gunning for the bench – While he won’t ever win a starting role for the Mets, Kelly is really hitting the snot out of the back for Las Vegas.

Gavin Cecchini heating up – He’s more or less fighting to be a backup player at this point in his prospect career. If a middle infielder is hurt, he’s likely to get a call.

Dominic Smith stumbles but keeps going – He’s not held onto his torrid start but, other than striking out too many times, he’s still hitting fairly consistently.

David Thompson missing his pop – For a power hitting third baseman, hitting .290 is great but Thompson isn’t hitting for power for some reason.

Corey Oswalt is back in AAA, but pitching well – With Wheeler promoted it seems that Oswalt is the Ace of the Vegas staff.

Tim Peterson making that crucial next step – The talented Met reliever has stumbled multiple times in AAA but he’s got a K/9 over 18.0 and hasn’t given up a single run.

Drew Smith promoted to AAA – Welcome to Vegas Mr. Smith!


Peter Alonso as good as advertised – My #2 prospect looks like he’s every bit as ready for AAA as I said he was. It’s only a matter of time.

Tim Tebow not doing much but still winning fans – I spent my weekend in the Binghamton area and people love the guy regardless of if he ever makes the majors.

Gerson Bautista shows off a little – In 3 games and 5.0 innings he’s struck out 11 and not offered a single walk.

Tyler Bashlor and Adonis Uceta both looking good – While Smith got the promotion and Bautista looks like the star all of the talented Binghamton relievers are looking great.


Ian Strom where have you been – A 22nd pick for the Mets who seems to be hitting pretty well, out of the blue.

Andres Gimenez needs to cut the Ks – He’s got 13 of them over his last 10 games and that is not a rate he can sustain and succeed.

Michael Paez has a big night – Three hits and two home runs for Paez on April 14th.

Desmond Lindsay needs to do more – He’s not playing poorly but this is not good enough.


Blake Tiberi keeps hitting – We may have to start taking it seriously.

Walter Rasquin looking sharp – He’s stolen a couple of bases and has a healthy OPS to boot.

Edgardo Fermin having a K problem – Sure, he’s hitting .297 but there are way too many Ks.

1 comment for “Mets Minors: A resurgent Justin Dunn could re-write the Mets’ farm system

  1. TexasGusCC
    April 16, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    Looking at the AAA team, Jannis has gotten his clock cleaned twice, both against El Paso, home and away, and the starting staff in Las Vegas looks like an Achilles heel right now.

    In the other three levels, it seems like very few players are doing much offensively, maybe 1 per team… Paez hitting ninth in the order?

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