On a damp day in Flushing, Queens, the Mets got romped by the visiting Toronto Blue Jays, 12-1.

After putting a 12 spot on the visitors last night, the Mets were considerate enough to allow the Blue Jays to do the same to them today. Zack Wheeler was the starter today for the Mets, and to say he had a disappointing outing would be a large understatement. From the beginning of the game, he had a huge problem with locating his pitches, and this led to many mistakes. He allowed two home runs, including one that set the tone in the first inning to Justin Smoak. His other home run given up was to the bat of Teoscar Hernandez, which was a two run shot in the top of the fourth. Already down three nothing, Wheeler would be unable to register an out in the fifth inning, as he allowed three runs to start his next frame. His final line was not pretty, as he finished with four innings pitched, giving up six runs, three walks while striking out seven. Manager Mickey Calloway allowed him to only throw 81 pitches on the day.

Besides Robert Gsellman, who threw a seamless inning of work, the bullpen was as much of a disaster as Wheeler was. AJ Ramos lasted only 0.2 of an inning, allowing four hits and three earned runs. Under his outing, the Toronto lead grew to 9-0. Refreshingly, Jacob Rhame came into the game for the Mets, and he allowed only a hit over his 1.1 innings of work. Buddy Baumann then entered the game. In his audition for second lefty in the bullpen, he flopped. The Blue Jays hopped on his low velocity pitches, and spotted him for three runs in his two innings of work, all stemming from a Richard Urena three run home run in the top of the ninth.

Providing the sole run for the Mets today was Brandon Nimmo, who homered in his only at bat in the bottom of the ninth. Aside from that home run, the Mets only managed to scratch three hits on the day, two from Wilmer Flores and one from Luis Guillorme. My Gut Reaction is that this team, with its combination of veteran players and spotty depth around the infield, is built for fair weather. Paired with an atrocious start from Wheeler and an excellent one from J.A Happ, the Mets were doomed from the start.

Following the loss, the Mets drop to 20-19 on the season. History was made today, as it was the first ever victory for the Blue Jays in New York City. Starting Friday, the Mets will host the Arizona Diamondbacks in a three game series. Jacob deGrom will take on Zack Godley at 7:10 on Friday.

14 comments on “Gut Reaction: Blue Jays 12, Mets 1 (5/16/18)

  • Michael

    Same old. Same old. When we think we are finally getting on an offensive roll we implode. And as bad as our offense has been this season, our starters leave a lot to be desired.

    • Mike Walczak

      This is starting to play out like 2017.

  • Pete from NJ

    I was ready for my first visit to Citi Field for 2018. The weather report cancelled the plans. Watching the game from the safety of home really put the team in a negative light.

    When things look hopeless it means the team is ready for a rebound. Right?

    (What about the ground crew cleaning up the infield with two out in the bottom of the 9th inning. Torture).

  • TexasGusCC

    If I were a paying customer, they would have had a pretty upsetting email and visit from me. It was terrible that this game was played. I only saw the deluge in the third inning and was so disgusted by the greed that I shut it off.

    • TexasGusCC

      The more I think about it, the more it bothers me. These guys are paid a rather large fortune to deal with unusual inconveniences and due to a certain skill. To make a fan that may pay a week’s salary to sit through that weather so that games can be pushed through is an absolute travesty. If the Mets didn’t give the fans the option of another game over that monsoon, those fans should never go again. Aren’t there any mutual open dates down the road when the Jays visit the Yankees? This was terrible.

      • Pete In Iowa

        So true Gus. More and more, MLB does little more than pay lip service to the fans. Their actions speak much louder, such as making them sit through yesterday’s weather, three or four hour rain delays, and the biggest slap in the face of all — switching Sunday afternoon games to a Sunday night after the tickets have already been sold.
        Shame on them.
        I’m going to the entire 4 game set in Milwaukee next week. It’ll be bad enough to have to witness this futile club in person, but at least I won’t have to worry about the weather and I didn’t have to spend a small fortune for tickets.

  • TexasGusCC

    From Kevin Kernan today:

    “The 20-19 Mets own a minus-15 run differential.

    The offense has been horrendous, unable to mount a rally. The Mets have lost 10 of 13. In those 10 losses they have been shut out three times and have managed a grand total of 17 runs. Nine times they have scored two or fewer runs.

    No pitching staff can win with that lack of support.”

    • Eraff

      Although they Can’t Hit, they can’t Pitch either!!!

      • Eraff

        DeGrom is a Top Pitcher. Noah is a top talent who can flip the switch and be a great Pitcher.

        Matz and Wheeler are in Put up or Shut Up cycle.

        We are two to three pitching turns away from a decision on Pennant Race versus Rebuild, and it’s all about Starting Pitching—- they are not competitive often enough, and you’re lying to yourself if you measure talent and latent performance. Matz and Wheeler are no longer compelling young pitchers. They are guys who “can’t / don’t / won’t until they do otherwise

  • Mike Walczak

    This team is too old and too slow. Mid May and Frazier, Ces, dArnaud, Plawecki on the DL. Good description of Matz and Wheeler no longer described as promising young arms. Call it a sixth sense, but the team just doesn’t feel right. And we haven’t even started the real grind yet.

    If this team loses 90 games, I fear that Alderson will continue to look for “bargain” solutions and in his mind, think that the team will be competitive with a chance to win.

    I love deGrom and Syndergaard, but they both have significant value, especially at the trade deadline. They could get a huge haul for them. It would be good to get rid of Cespedes contract as well.

    Get rid of Reyes and Gonzalez and get younger and faster. Get rid of Flores and get a player who is more versatile.

    The Braves and Phillies are showing how a rebuild works.

    If we wait, we also are taking a risk that deGrom or Syndergaard suffers a serious injury.

    But, the trades must get back numerous major league ready top prospects.

    • Pete In Iowa

      Who in the world would want Cespedes with his contract and injuries?? It was a bad deal from the start.

      • Mike Walczak

        Who knows, there is always hope.

        • Pete In Iowa

          True I suppose Mike. After all, the Reds wanted Harvey….. Who I see was back in form yesterday.

  • TexasGusCC

    Mike makes a good point about the views of players and rebuilding. In fact, I have read it in many comments.

    However, I would rather fix rather than rebuild. Trading for prospects means nothing if they don’t work out. Pittsburgh was rebuilding for over 20 years, and the Braves and Phillies have rebuilt through good draft and international signings. I think this team needs a new analyst in the front office that doesn’t look to put a Band-Aid on a break.

    In September, like so many other Septembers, Alderson fed us a can of bullshit saying that this team needs to increase its speed and ability to hit for a higher average. So, he brings in Bruce – a career .240 hitter, Frazier – a career .240 hitter, and Gonzalez – a broken down hitter that in his last regular role hit about .260. All these guys are slow, high strikeout hitters and only Frazier is adequate defensively. All the while, we said that Nimmo would offer just as much as Bruce and had option at first just as good as Gonzalez. Maybe putting the Bruce money in some younger more athletic players would give us an energy level shown by the three teams in the last two weeks that kicked our butt?

    My point is, I believe a new GM should take stock of what he has and add correctly in order to give this team a better chance. Trading for youth doesn’t mean they would work out.

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